Get Branded: A Rundown of SportsRants’ Branding Feature

Sports Rants is continuing the push forward to provide members who choose to utilize our website to host their sports blog with more features.

So you created a profile on Then you started a blog. Got yourself a nice looking design and started ranting. You went out and got your .COM registered, so what’s next?

It’s now time to tie that .COM in with your SportsRants hosted blog, so it shows your blog as a true .COM

If you’re wondering what that means…here is an example! Although is hosted on and uses our site to blog, it still appears as when you visit the site.

Untitled 18


100% Branded to your blog. No more long URL extensions to use, no more 301 redirects, a crisp and branded .COM.

Having this feature just enforces our belief in a our unique community of bloggers. We strongly urge people to build their own brands and at SportsRants you have all the power and resources to utilize to do so.

  • 100% Branding of a .COM
  • Unrivaled & unmatched SEO Tools & Resources
  • Social Media Community of sports ranters to share with

Those are some pretty nice features!

So here is how to setup the .COM branding on your SportsRants hosted blog

  1. Buy Your .COM (you can do this at GoDaddy)
  2. Make sure you have a blog setup on Sports Rants
  3. Log into Your GoDaddy Account and go to Domains > Domain Management
  4. Select the Domain you wish to use for your .COM
  5. In Domain Details under DNS Zone File click Edit (see below)

Untitled 19
6. Edit the Points To IP address (shown above) to this IP Address

7. Login to Your Sports Rants hosted blog

8. Go to Dashboard then to Tools and then select Domain Mapping

9. Enter Your .COM name under Custom Domain then click Add

Untitled 20



10. You’re now setup. Depending on your registrar’s processing it could take from 1-48 hours to complete the process but generally takes less time than that.

Now your blog is 100% branded as your official .COM!

Remember, it is vital that these steps are followed in exact order, otherwise the branding will not work!

We are thrilled to roll this out to members of Remember to build your own brand using our website!


Happy Ranting

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