Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

It can be tough to get noticed on Social Media. With a pool that is already massive and still growing and a depth of competition, getting your articles noticed can be tricky. Regardless how good your content is it can still go virtually unnoticed if you engage in practices that push people away from reading your content or even following you.

Are you guilty? Find out

Build Your Niche – Be Selective

Building a following on Social Media takes time and work. It isn’t a hard concept to master but it is one that does come with it’s fair share of required dedication. Therefore if you are using 3rd party tools that promise to give you X amount of new followers or fans, you probably aren’t doing yourself any favors.

A while back i stumbled on Twiends which in theory seemed like a great way to gain followers. You pay for what they call “seeds”. Seeds are incentives to motivate people to follow you. For every user that follows you, you give them seeds. The number of seeds you give away impacts how many people will follow you. The higher the reward, the more people will follow. The issue is it’s easily manipulated. What is to stop someone from following you for the sake of gaining seeds only to unfollow you moments later? Or, even worse, what if they have no interest at all in what you tweet about?

Therefore, Twiends probably won’t serve much of a benefit for you if you want more eyes on your content.

Then there is Nothing annoys me more than that annoying tweet or DM that tells me i either followed or unfollowed someone on Twitter according to this app. Chances are if i follow you and i see you use this, i’ll be unfollowing immediately. It’s annoying and spammy.

Solution? Follow people in your direct interest group. If you tweet interesting things and not just links, links, links they may be inclined to follow you back. Filter searches with hashtags. #NFL #MLB #NBA #NHL all good categorized hashtags to find fellow sports fans talking about the topic(s) you are. It takes work and dedication, but you’ll be much happier with this than any automated alternative.


Are You Annoying Your Followers?

This is a great question to ask yourself. Are you doing things that would annoy any of your followers? And i am not talking about your thoughtful or snarky tweets.

I see this all the time on Twitter. Someone in the blog-industry, mostly sports, tweets me a link to their article or show. At first i think it’s cool someone would value my opinion and or thoughts on a topic. But then i look at their feed. Full of tweets to every user and follower they have, using the same templated tweet, asking to view and share their article.

You have officially annoyed your user base and took 3 steps back in your progression. not only did you annoy your followers into not reading your article, but you may have inspired them to unfollow you.

What good does that do?

Have faith in your writing. Make sure you follow people that are directly interested in your topic and therefore are more likely to read your content. Engage people in discussion and…gasp…be social on social media. Flooding your timeline with links and generic “read this” tweets won’t engage many people and certainly won’t keep your followers in tact.

Discussion engages people. If you have good discussions with your followers they become more apt to read your content because they enjoy your interaction.

Remember, nobody on social media is required or obligated to read your articles or follow you. When you conduct yourself in a manner that badgers people it creates a feeling of obligation.


Know your end goal, understand your demographic and practice good Social behavior!



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