Sports Rants Celebrates 3 Years

It’s hard for me to recall what exactly I thought I was doing when I started Sports Rants back in 2011. Part of me remembers just wanting an outlet for myself to talk sports. Another part of me just wanted to get away from the other website I had been running for 3 years that had nothing to do with sports and was locally based. But whatever my thinking was at that time, I never imagined a brand I started in my home office would evolve to the point it is today.

April 1st 2014 marks the 3rd anniversary of the official launch of Sports Rants. What started off as a relatively small online community with a couple of crazy sports blogs has grown tremendously.

In March of this year we broke traffic records across the board and surpassed 3.5 million views last month, a landmark I probably need a bit more time to digest. The thought of hundreds of thousands of sports fans, just like me, gravitating to for sports talk is extremely gratifying.

It’s been an incredible journey and has been filled with highs and lows. Fortunately more highs than lows. I’ve learned so much about the business of social media and online management, which has only evolved the close to 10 years of SEO & Internet Marketing experience I have. I’ve learned how to gauge the Sports Rants audience, what works and what doesn’t, and most of all how the protect the best interest of the brand.

Sports Rants is now a credible hub of sports talk, information and content. A place where passionate fans can build a name for themselves by starting their own blog, connecting with other fans, participating in forums and/or contributing to one of our own sections. We are accredited and credentialed, have a popular online radio station and provide a unique website that, i believe, shows folks the future of sports talk and interaction.

Best of all, it’s provided me a legit career in sports media. A college dropout with no training in broadcasting, journalism or reporting has led a sports media brand from the ground up and now into the future. It’s also provided others, many similar to me, the opportunity to have a career in this field as well, the tools to succeed and powerful marketing insight in SEO & Social Media to help them stay on top of social & search trends.

Sports Rants has been worth all of the financial & social sacrifices it has required. Trust me, we are only getting started. The growth in our first 3 years alone has been incredible and I can only imagine what the next 3 will bring.

Thank you all for your support, thanks to all of our contributors & members, those who are connected with us on social media and those who read our content.

We’re just getting started!



Anthony DiMoro
Sports Rants

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