Sports Rants Joins Support for ASPCA and Humane Society Initiatives

(my dog and our mascot Gia)

The journey of Sports Rants has been amazing, every step of it since we launched in April 0f 2011. What first started as a cool little idea that sprouted into my mind in my office back in Schenectady, New York has grown to heights that have far surpassed my expectations. Where this ride will take myself and the brand is an ever-changing ride that I am honored to be a part of as i continue this down in Miami, Florida.

The power of Social Media and a world of Sports Fans is a combination that can have a profound impact. Sports Fans have an intense passion, loyalty and dedication that, when merged with a positive cause, can yield change and produce positive results.

Most of you who know of my personal life know I am an animal lover. As an owner of a once-homeless pet myself and coming from a home where there was always a dog, animals have always been and will always be a large part of my life. My dog, Gia, is not just a pet, she’s a member of my family and I think most of your reading this who own pets understand that sentiment.

Today, Sports Rants has taken the initiative to create positivity for our animal friends.

It is with great pride that I can announce Sports Rants is now an ASPCA Guardian and a Humane Hero with the Humane Society. It is my hope that our contributions as a brand can not only help from a financial perspective but also raise awareness for these causes. Both are wonderful organizations that I am truly honored to be associated with.

As Sports Rants grows it is my mission to continue to support positive initiatives such as these.

While money is a great resource to have, I didn’t start Sports Rants solely to get rich. I have always aspired to create positivity in some way, shape or form and this is just a great opportunity to do just that.

I hope you all take time today to help raise awareness and more importantly donate to these incredible causes.

We as Sports Fans are a powerful community and a rather profound voice in society. Together we can make change.

Thank you all for your continued support of our brand and our initiatives, please visit the ASPCA and Humane Society to add your support.




Anthony DiMoro
Anthony DiMoro
Sports Rants

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