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NFL Pro Football: Houston Oilers coach Bum Phillips (R) with LB Robert Brazile #52 watching from the sidelines during game vs Oakland Raiders.  Raiders def. Oilers 
Houston, TX  09/26/76
Credit: Neil Leifer
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10 Men Who Deserve to be in the NFL Hall-of-Fame!

(Photo Courtesy of Following is my list of 10 men who deserve to be in the hall-of-fame. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is always a hot topic for debate,  the criteria for...


DiMoro’s Call: 2015 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

(Associated Press) The big week is finally here which means we are just a few short days away from the much anticipated 2015 NFL Draft. In my first mock draft I stayed away from...

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Mock Madness: Mock Draft #4

My final NFL mock draft stretches out to four rounds; it is the first four rounds that I believe where teams make the most impact on their clubs while the rest of the draft...


DiMoro’s Call: NFL Mock Draft 1.0

(Courtesy of ABC News) I have finally put together my Mock Draft. At this point I see this as my one and only mock, but I may offer a 2.0 closer to draft day,...


Top Free Agents Still Available on the Market

(Photo Courtesy of: With teams preparing their “big boards” for the upcoming draft in Chicago, there are quite a few notable free agents that are still available on the market. Taking a look at...

2015 NFL draft

Mock Madness: NFL Mock Draft #2

Last week, I wrote this piece predicting the first round of next month’s NFL draft after the flurry of free agent signings and trades. Today, I am adding another round along with a few changes...

2015 NFL draft

Mock Madness: NFL Mock Draft #1

Now that most of the NFL free agent frenzy has pretty much died down, the focus turns towards the draft which, unfortunately, is still over a month away. I am writing four versions of...