When I started putting the concept of Sports Rants into motion back in late 2010 I had an expansive vision.

Aside from striving to be creatively unique in a niche that lacked much creative diversity, I wanted to do something that was an example of one of my credos in life:

Make Positive Impact – Legacy Over Wealth.

The years since the launch of Sports Rants  in April of 2011 have been tremendous as I have documented annually. Our audience has grown rapidly since our launch and the creative ideas infused with our vision combined with the dedication of our members and writers has helped put our brand on the map.

We are on the map for being different and while we, like most brands, have our flaws, I like to think we do some good things.

While money is a great asset in life and wealth is a tool to do many things, I have always believed that a legacy was a better measurement than the accumulation of financial wealth.  Legacy is the eternal benchmark. Positive impact doesn’t depreciate in value.

Therefore it’s an honor of mine on behalf of Sports Rants to demonstrate support for the initiatives that are the definition of creating positive impact.

I am proud to support and donate to these causes. It is our hope that as a fan, member and/or contributor to Sports Rants  you will lend your support as well.

Thank You for Empowering the Sports Rants brand so that we can in turn empower others!


Anthony DiMoro
Sports Rants