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Jeter Receiving All-Star Fuss



Here we are again. The most boring time of the baseball year for this particular MLB fan. The All-Star game. Grant it i do enjoy watching some of the Home Run Derby’s (as long as I have Chris Berman on mute) and I did enjoy seeing Robinson Cano win lat night’s derby, but other than that you can consider me officially “tuned out” of the All-Star Game.

But this All-Star Game has caused a bit of a stir in the baseball world. No, it’s not the confusing list of alternatives, substitutions and other information that leaves us scratching our heads and maybe wondering who IS playing in the All Star Game, it’s actually centered around Derek Jeter.

As most of you know, Jeter is not attending the All-Star Game. Apparently not even the efforts of MLB Executives and even former Yankee Manager Joe Torre himself, could not persuade Jeter to attend the game even for a raise of the cap.

In all honesty, baseball was looking to celebrate and/or “milk” as much of Jeter’s 3,000th hit as humanly possible. Who can blame them? It is a business after all.

But on the flip side is it so evil that Jeter is skipping the game due to “exhaustion”?
For the better part of 16 years Derek Jeter has been a great representation of Major League Baseball. He says the right things, conducts himself in professional manner and doesn’t appear to be another run of the mill self-absorbed player.

And mostly, we have applauded Jeter for that. But now, the media feels this All-Star “snub” from Jeter is almost downright criminal.

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When Jeter hit his 3,000th hit he admitted in the post game interview that he didn’t feel right that it stopped the game in the 3rd inning. He apologized to the Rays and the fans for the game coming to a stop in recognition of his achievement.

What doesn’t make sense is this seems to be forgotten by those who are criticizing Jeter for not attending the game. A player who felt a bit out of place with the recognition is being asked to let the entire Baseball world applaud his accomplishment during the All-Star game. And he wants no part of it.

In a world full of athletes who will do anything to put themselves right in the public eye with reality shows, Twitter, arrests and cameos we shake our heads at one who chooses for once to avoid the admiration?

For Yankee fans, such as myself, I also understand that Jeter is coming off a calf strain that sidelined him for close to 20 games. He only came back last week and we are expecting the man to push it? What if Jeter got injured at the All-Star game? Then are who do we blame?

Do the Yankees take another key injury and sacrifice a key component to a World Series run just to satisfy the baseball media?

Seems like a bit of a stupid thing for baseball to be all up in arms about!

What do you think Ranterz?

What do you think of Derek Jeter skipping the All-Star Game?
I have No Problem with it
I think it’s terrible for him to skip it



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