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Pittsburgh Penguins Bitten; Injury Bug Strikes



Being struck by the Injury Bug in the NHL season is never a good thing to hear or see but; the Pittsburgh Penguins have been bitten a few times now. And you know by now how rough injuries have been on the Penguins, but they get a little bit tougher on them again tonight in Toronto.

Why? Jordan Staal is not going to be suiting up in tonight’s game. The Leafs owe all the thanks to what Dan Bylsma is calling a “lower body injury.” CBC’s Elliotte Friedman reports that Bylsma doesn’t think it’s anything serious and isn’t concerned with it being a long term thing.

The Penguins have done fine already this season without a host of players. This time around, however,Evgeni Malkin gets to lead the way while Staal sits. The next thing the Pens should work on, however, is figuring who put the voodoo curse on the team and where that pesky voodoo doll is at. Because whoever put the curse on them…may not be finished with the Penguins just yet! And as everyone knows, I am not a Penguins fan in the least bit but I reassure all the Penguins fans out there….I did not do this!