Have a Need to Rant?!

As most of you may know, we here at SportsRantz.com give our members a ton of outlets to rant about their sports teams.

Well, as we gear up for 2012 we want to continue to give fans like you a voice!!

Blogging about your favorite sport or team can be a great way to interact with other fans, share detailed thoughts and perspective about your team and can keep you occupied while you wait for the next big game!

SportsRantz.com CEO Anthony DiMoro will even custom design your blog for you! How cool is that?

We want to make this the Year of the Fans’ Voice!! So let’s build one kick ass blog platform

I have never Blogged before and Don’t Know How
No problemo!! We have a ton of extensive video tutorials to help you through the process, but don’t worry it’s really not that hard!
We also have a great team of Ranterz who help one another out, so if you have any issues you have support on SportsRantz.com!

I Already have a Blog started so what makes SportsRantz better?
Go over to Google and put in “sports blogs“, we are rated in the Top 10 for sports blogs websites. Tons more exposure for your articles and your blogs are right in front of other sports fans!

How Do I Start?
Simple. Create a fan profile by messaging Anthony DiMoro on Facebook. Give him your email address. He’ll activate an account for you.
Once you have a look around the site, think of a blog title and the topic you’d like to blog about (team, sport, all sports, etc)
Within 2-3 business days we will design a blog for you free of charge

Do I Get Paid?
No. SportsRantz.com is a free website that provides an outlet for members to rant, talk and post about sports.

Can I Make Money Blogging?
You are free to advertise on your blog. Selling adspace is a great way to make money on your blog. Sometimes, advertisers will approach you with offers. It all depends on how good and often you blog. If you have any questions read this awesome article

Perks of Blogging?
Of course we have perks! Duh!
Not only are you free to post your articles in the SportsRantz Facebook Group at SportsRantz.net, but you are also given the opportunity to call into The Rantin & Ravin Show to plug your blog!
We don’t just let you blog, we promote it!

Don’t just take our word for it…. Read the Sports Blogs on SportsRantz.com