Is Claude Giroux just as good as Sidney Crosby? Talbot Says Yes

 Everyone knows that Sidney Crosby is a special player in the league. He may even be the best player in

Claude Giroux Everyone knows that Sidney Crosby is a special player in the league. He may even be the best player in the league since Gretzky’s time.

Now, his former teammate Max Talbot seems to think that Crosby isn’t alone as the best player in the league and he believes that the player he plays along side with, Claude Giroux is just as good as Crosby.

Yeah I know this sounds crazy and I promise that I haven’t hit my head or anything to that degree but Talbot does have some validity to his remark.  Sam Carchidi of believes it himself but Talbot is eager to share his thoughts. Carchidi asked Talbot if it’s too early to put Giroux on Crosby’s level. His response was telling.

“No, he’s been the best in the league since the beginning of the year,” Talbot said the other day. Not only does Talbot believe it but Hall of Famer and Flyers legend Bill Barber does too.

Does that make it true though? The results are hard to argue with. Giroux is near the top of the NHL scoring leaderboard and has easily been the Flyers’ best player and one of the best scorers in the league. All those accolades are what Crosby brings to the table for the Penguins.

Connecting the two isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds, but we’ll see how these two guys stack up against each other and through the rest of the season. We haven’t seen the best from Crosby yet while Giroux is showing us everything he’s got, or is he? Giroux may have a little more to offer up and could be saving some magic for later in the season. So the claim is kind of a bit crazy but the two players definitely offer their teams the same things and both lead their teams. I respect both these players but time will tell this season who will be the best between the two.

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