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What I hope to see from the Chicago Bulls this season



The Chicago Bulls have won 10 of their first 12 games this season. While this mark is rather impressive, there is certainly more room for improvement. Here are a few things I would like to see from this team as the rest of the year unfolds.


The most noticeable improvement to Derrick Rose’s game coming into last season was his ability to hit the outside shot from the perimeter. I’ve heard rumors that Rose has been working on his post-up game, but I have yet to see this materialize so far. Rose is the most explosive guard in the league off the dribble, but he will become even more difficult to defend if Chicago can find a way to put him down in the post against smaller guards.


The next item on my wish list is to see more of Rip Hamilton. Yes I know he is nursing a groin injury which has caused him to miss a few games and if he comes back too early, he would risk further injury. However, he was suppose to be one of the pieces that would help the Bulls compete with the Miami Heat in the East. With almost 20 percent of the season gone already, it is important for the team and the fans to know what they’re going to get from Mr. Hamilton come playoff time.


The last area I would like to talk about is the development of Omer Asik. Asik was a work in progress last season, but he is slowly starting find his way on offense. At this stage of young career, he is not at the point where he will give you a double-double every game. However, he does look more comfortable around the basket and he provides the team with great defense in blocking shots and his effectiveness on the boards. Hopefully his game will continue to evolve because the Bulls definitely need a big man who can score around the basket on offense and clog the lane on defense.