SportsRantz Announces NEW Feature for Radio Hosts & Podcasters

I love making announcements just like this. I’ve been teasing something big for quite some time and today marks

I love making announcements just like this. I’ve been teasing something big for quite some time and today marks the day we roll some of it out. The first part of our announcement is mostly for sports radio hosts and sports podcasters. And i am particularly excited to roll this out because it isn’t just something cool for SportsRantz, but cool for the entire industry. Staying innovative is important to me and to the SportsRantz brand.

Starting on May 1st, 2013 we will be rolling out the new Broadcaster Feature on

So what is the Broadcaster Feature? Quite simply the new, innovative way for show hosts to interact with their listeners!

Imagine a comprehensive chat room for you to use during your podcast or radio show. A feature your listeners can use to interact with the hosts, guests and other listeners. A chat room just for your show! Imagine an innovative feature that will not only bring your brand to the next level, but increase your audience interaction and also give you an edge over your competition

But what’s best about this chat room, is it isn’t just any run of the mill chat. It will allow you to have the option to video broadcast your show. Now your listeners can watch your show!



No more using Facebook Chat, Twitter, UStream, or Blog Talk Radio for your chat room needs. The Broadcaster Feature will allow you to not only provide an innovative feature for your audience, but a way to bring your show to the next level. You can fully control the room, police members and best of all, this is 100% FREE!

Check out some of the great features of the new Broadcaster Feature

  • Brand Your Chat Room – Create a chat room with your show name. Easy for members to find your show and easy for other members to find your show!
  • Mobile Ready – Members (and you) can access the chat room via your smartphone or tablet. As long as Flash is installed on your phone you can access the chat room without having to be tied to your computer! Keep your show on the go!
  • Audio + Visual – After you join a room you can broadcast your web cam and microphone so that others can see and hear you.
  • Play YouTube Videos – Talking about a particular play or topic in sports? Why not show your audience the video while you broadcast without having them leave your chat room? YouTube movies displayed directly in the text chat area. If anyone types a link to a YouTube movie, SportsRantz will automatically load and preview that video in the chat!
  • Emoticons – The video chat supports emoticons, a fun way for users to express themselves!

  • Full Screen Broadcast – You can watch the high quality video streams broadcasted by others in full screen!
  • File Sharing – Have something you want to promote? A blog post? A flier? Upload files to rooms or send files directly to people
  • Photo Sharing – Want to share a topic-related photo during your show?  Uploaded images are automatically loaded and previewed in the text chat area.
  • Room Member Lists – The new users list can display the users in the room, who is watching you, who you have blocked, etc…. It can also display the avatar of each user and weather or not the user has a web cam/mic (even tough the web cam/mic is not started) .
  • The Choice is Yours – If you would rather not use the video broadcast, that’s fine. You can use this as a basic chat room as well!

This is the future of radio and podcast broadcasting and SportsRantz is happy to help usher it in! We are looking for an official launch of May 1st, 2013! And we have one more announcement forthcoming, that is in conjunction with this.

Keep in mind this is FREE. You just have to be a member of, which is FREE to do!

So sign up and get ready on May 1st! More details forthcoming


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