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WWE’s Story Book Ending



On July 10, 2016 a little after midnight (central time) all-galaxy level athlete Brock Lesnar displayed utter dominance over his opponent.

Or to put it more succinctly: Brock Lesnar made Mark Hunt (not to be confused with his cousin Mike…sorry couldn’t resist) his bitch.

As a bit of background this fight went three rounds.  Lesnar took Hunt down twice in the first round and landed numerous strikes from the top position.  The second takedown was accomplished by pure strength as Hunt attempted futilely to rest against the cage.  In the second round Lesnar took Hunt down again, as he did in the third round.  To put it frankly, past the first minute there was no point in this match where Lesnar was not in control.

In a three-round unanimous decision Brock Lesnar took Hunt down at will, landed infinitely more strikes, and showed every wrestling-hating, UFC-masturbating sycophant that he is the greatest athlete of this generation.  But all of that being said, Brock Lesnar was not tonight’s big winner:  Vince McMahon was.

UFC 200 was peppered with various World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) commercials for Summerslam, WWE2K17, and even their own network.  But on top of all of that, this fight worked out better for WWE than if they had instructed their own writers to orchestrate the match.

If WWE had their say, Lesnar would have knocked out Hunt within 30 seconds.  But that hopeful narrative would have brought upon a plethora of accusations of collusion and Lesnar’s fluke luck. I mean can you even imagine all of the twitter conspiracy theorists spouting off had Lesnar knocked Hunt out within 30 seconds?

But by dominating a three round match, Lesnar showed himself to be the dominating force that WWE storylines have touted him to be.  All the while peddling their product during the peak viewing segment of UFC 200.

If WWE has Lesnar lose at Summer Slam, then that means they have the badass that beat Brock Lesnar. If they keep Lesnar as “The Beast Incarnate”, then they have the most dominant athlete on the planet under their creative control.  And even more importantly than all of that:  Lesnar is under contract with the WWE.

Dana White (douche bag) with guidance from the Fertitta brothers had to negotiate with Vince McMahon to even get Lesnar on UFC 200.  Whereas WWE has complete creative control over Lesnar within their “universe.”

Thanks to UFC 200, WWE has massive publicity and full creative control over the most celebrated athlete of our generation.  And in case you need reminding, Brock Lesnar is a former NCAA Heavyweight champion, made the last cut of training camp with the Minnesota Vikings (despite not playing since high school), a decade plus as a professional wrestler, and a two time UFC champion…all with Diverticulitis.

To be clear, Lesnar is now clear of Diverticulitis, and is competing for the first time (perhaps within his life) free of any inhibitions other than age.

So to put all of this in a nutshell:  anyone who is a fan of action, sports, drama, or even behind-the-scenes (political) intrigue should be grateful.  We have Brock Lesnar.  We also have two ego-maniacal sociopaths in Dana White and Vince McMahon fighting over his services.

The next couple of years are going to be a very fun ride.

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