The New York Yankees Are Not Quite Finished Yet

There are only 10 games remaining in the regular season and the Yankees have to make them count. Their

There are only 10 games remaining in the regular season and the Yankees have to make them count. Their window of making it into the playoffs is closing quickly and they need to win every game at this point.

They are 9.5 games behind in the AL East and barring a massive collapse by the teams ahead of them in the division they will not make the playoffs that way. They do have a shot at the wildcard still being only 3 games behind the Detroit Tigers for the second spot. One more series loss for the Yankees and that might be the knockout punch to their season.

Although the Yankees had struggles throughout the season they found a way to work around them with the talent they have on the team. The 4 game series the Yankees played against Boston recently was a big test for the Yankees, and they could not get the job done.

The Red Sox swept the Yankees and that might be a contributor to why they missed the playoffs if they indeed do not make it. They also lost the series before that against the LA Dodgers two games to one. The Yankees do not have time to waste, but if they cannot make an adjustment to start winning this season is over.

These final 10 games for the Yankees will not be easy because these AL East teams they are facing are ready for them.

Toronto Blue Jays

The final 4 games the Yankees will play against the Blue Jays will be at the Rogers Centre. The Yankees record on the road this season is 35-42 and that could reflect in this series. The Yankees have not been good on the road and the Blue Jays will take advantage of that.

Yankees pitchers might have a hard time there especially with the hot hitting Blue Jays. The Yankees need to come into these games looking to put as many runs on the board as possible. If they can put up runs early it will take most of the pressure off of the starting pitchers and lead to them having quality starts. Earlier this month the Yankees swept the Blue Jays and they will have to do it again.

Boston Red Sox

The last time these two teams played it did not end well for the Yankees, but now the Yankees will have a shot in their house. Boston got the sweep but they did not blow the Yankees out in those games. The largest margin they lost by was 3 in that series.

That is important for the Yankees to take into this series because if they can keep the game close they will always have a shot to close the game out and win. The Yankees need their offense to be all-time great in all of their remaining games to win.

Baltimore Orioles

The Yankees final series of the regular season will be at home against Baltimore. Both teams are now out of playoff contention in the AL wildcard race. Baltimore is 0.5 games behind while the Yankees are 3 games behind. If it comes down to this series for both teams it will be a tough atmosphere for Baltimore to play in.

This could possibly be a pre-playoffs playoff series and that will bring out the best in both teams. The Yankees need their offense to play their best in this series as well.

The Yankees have one last shot in these final 10 games and a series loss or sweep will not be something they will be able to recover from.

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