Series Review-England vs. Pakistan ODI Series

The 5 match ODI series, has been an interesting series nonetheless because England have been dominating the ODI series.

The 5 match ODI series, has been an interesting series nonetheless because England have been dominating the ODI series. Pakistan have been struggling big time in this series, and have tried to fight back but England always made sure they were one step ahead.

If we go by looking at the series results in the 1st ODI England won by 44 runs via the D/L method, 2nd ODI they won by 4 wickets, 3rd ODI won by 169 runs, 4th ODI again they won by 4 wickets and Pakistan scored a consolation win in the 5th ODI.

If we look back on these ODI’s the 3rd ODI definitely needs a special mention because England racked up a mammoth 444 runs, and took Pakistan out of the game from the onset.  In this instance it was AJ Hales for England who was the main person who scored 171 runs, in order to give England that extra edge against Pakistan. After that the other England team members, chipped in with runs and made sure they scored the big runs.

As chasing down this big score would definitely require a special performance by the whole team. Pakistan did put up a fight but were struggling, as they found themselves always behind the run rate. Also they needed a batsman to step-up, and take the lead but that never happened either which just added to Pakistan woes.

The first 4 ODI’s proved how much England have improved in ODI’s. Pakistan definitely need to go back to the drawing board, and make sure they learn from the mistakes made in this series, as they have the potential to be a very dangerous side in ODI’s if everything clicks together which they showed in the final ODI.

In terms of all the runs in the series Sarfraz Ahmed had scored the most runs out of both the teams. He scored 300 runs which is a positive for Pakistan, it shows that Ahmed was definitely giving it his best shot. For England though it was Root with the most runs 274, Root is just growing match by match and he is definitely the most reliable England player in my opinion in all formats of the game. He is that one player who is just shining through for me big time. He definitely looks to be on track to be the in-form player going forward. Root stature has grown and he has proved himself every time his team has needed him.

Chris Woakes was the best bowler for England he picked up 9 wickets in the 5 match ODI series. Closely followed by Rashid who picked up 8 wickets. For Pakistan it was Ali who tied with Rashid for wickets. The bowlers definitely stepped up their game, especially the England bowlers. They really made sure that the game was always in their favour, there were a few hiccups along the way but nonetheless England were always on the winning side barring the final ODI.

Pakistan didn’t live up to their potential in this series they showed glimpses but it was never enough. England though put on an all-round performance and were at their dominating best.

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