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Philadelphia Flyers beat Carolina Hurricanes 10-22-2016; SCORACEK LIVES, Mr.Snider Honored



Mr. Snider Honored, Philadelphia Flyers vs Carolina Hurricanes, Matt Read- King of the Universe, Wayne Train Rolls & SCORACEK LIVES

Photo by Sarah Stackhouse

The Philadelphia Flyers won at home for the first time this season on 10-22-2016 in a game against the Carolina Hurricanes.  It was a marvelous 6-3 victory that had boredom, frustration, wildness, excitement, adorableness and at long last triumph.  It followed a disappointing home opener versus the Anaheim Ducks in a 3-2 loss on 10-20-2016 that also honored Mr. Ed Snider and other fallen Flyers.

10-20-2016 Home Opener Recap For Those Who Missed It Or Forgot

Philadelphia Flyers Home Opener Ceremony Haley Murphy

Photo by Haley Murphy

The Ducks Christopher Wagner, Corey Perry and Ryan Garbutt were their goal scorers for the evening.  The Philadelphia Flyers goal scorers are a story unto themselves.  Wayne Simmonds scored his third goal in three games, assisted my Clause Giroux and Jakub Voracek.  Matt Read got his fourth goal in four games, with assists from goalie Steve Mason and Pierre-Edouard Bellemare.  Despite their awesome goal scorers, the Philadelphia Flyers could not win their home opener and lost 3-2 to the Anaheim Ducks.  This broke the Ducks season long losing streak, because the Flyers are a socially conscious and thoughtful team like that.

However, the bigger story was what happened pregame; a ceremony celebrating 50 years of Flyers hockey and a ceremony for those recently lost, including the founder of the Philadelphia Flyers, Mr. Ed Snider was being held.  Mr. Snider’s banner had the team crest, years of ownership (1967-2016) and his name on it.

Philadelphia Flyers Ed Snider Ceremony by Haley Murphy

Photo by Haley Murphy

Family members hoisted the banner into the rafters to take its place in the Philadelphia Flyers pantheon of awesome.   Once again, fans were wearing sparkling bracelets for a dazzling effect during the ceremony.  The flashing bracelets given in honor of Mr. Snider stayed exactly where they were meant to be.  Flyers announcer Lou Nolan told the fans and us at home something we all know but still love hearing;  “Ed Snider will forever be a part of the Philadelphia Flyers.”

The crowd had a somewhat somber or quiet mood that lingered throughout the game, although way cannot be said for certain.  I am not sure the message in lights saying “I AM EXCITED” was entirely accurate.

With the home opener behind them, the Flyer wanted to break their 3 game losing streak and do it on home ice.  However, this is not an easy task and was not coming easily for the Orange and Black.


Nothing was happening in the first period.  Players came out and skated, there a few penalties, but nobody scored.  Brayden Schenn returned from his suspension, but he didn’t do anything exciting in the first.


After waiting for 20 minutes of play waiting for scoring to begin, frustration was replacing (or adding new dimensions to) the boredom.  Then again, this ended quickly as the scoring began in the second period in a speedy 50 seconds with a goal from Hurricane Justin Faulk, giving them an early 1-0 lead.  A mere 2:17  passed before extending the Hurricanes lead to 2-0 3:07 in, courtesy of Jordan Staal.

Flyers rookie Ivan Provorv commented on their successful comeback; “It happens in games – you fall behind, all you have to do is stick with it. That’s what we did.”


A few moments later at 4:50, Flyer Brandon Manning answered the Hurricanes, with the assist from Jakub Voracek, finally putting Philadelphia on the board.  In like manner and just 2:29 later at 7:19 in, our pheomelanin abundant Jakub Voracek scored a goal to call his own, tying the game at 2-2.  Rookie wonder boys Ivan Provorov and Travis Konecny were the ones assisting him in his endeavor.  Is scoring goals roughly every two minutes and tying the game in two and a half minutes not wild enough?  If so, the 8:32 that passed until the next goal probably felt like along time.

Philadelphia Flyers Coach Dave Hakstol praised his blossoming winger; “He’s been pretty consistent right from camp all the way through, tonight was one of his better 60-minute performances. He played at a high level, start to finish.”

Philadelphia Flyers Travis Konecny Photo by Haley Murphy

Photo by Haley Murphy


In an utmost fabulous and exciting fashion, when 15:51 in the second period arrived, the game was officially lit.  Seriously, check the Urban Dictionary, they agree; it was fun, exciting and pertaining to greatness.  Matt Read scored his fifth goal in as many games.  He has not yet been crowned King of the Universe, however, it cannot be far into the future.  Ivan Provorov, Sean Couturier and perhaps magic were assisting Read in giving the Philadelphia Flyers a 3-2 lead.

Goal-Score-Athoner Matt Read is impressed with his fledgling assistant; “I still think every game, for a 19-year-old defenseman, making plays the way he is playing, it’s fun to watch out there. He keeps playing like this, he is gonna be a good D in this league for a long time.”

What a kind and benevolent King of the Universe Read is going to be.

The King shared so insight on his own rejuvenation on the ice; “The last couple of years have been frustrating. You are battling as much as you can out there to try and get better. Scoring a couple of goals here early get the confidence high. I enjoy going on the ice every shift and giving it your all and trying to make this team better every shift.”

“I am in really good shape and you just have to keep putting your foot on the gas pedal. As long as we are winning games that’s all that matters right now.”

Philadelphia Flyers Matt Read Photo by Haley Murphy

Photo by Haley Murphy

A brief 1:26 later at 17:17, Shayne Gostisbehere was scoring his first goal of the season.  Correspondingly, this gives a 4-2 advantage over the Hurricanes.  Andrew MacDonald and Wayne Simmonds made the assists.  Unfortunately, the Carolina Hurricanes made it one goal game at 3-4 with a goal from Lee Stempniak 1:37 after the Ghost Bear’s goal and closed scoring for the period at 18:54.  That period had 7 goals, 4 for the Flyers and 3 for the Hurricanes.  Regardless, no matter whose team a person was cheering for, there was plenty of cause for excitement, either way.


Moreover, the third period had it’s share adorableness at 11:50 into the period with Wayne Simmonds scoring his fourth goal in four games, giving the Philadelphia Flyers a 5-3 lead.  This is heart warming, considering the Flyers were in a 3 game losing streak, they have 2 players on scoring streaks.  Wayne Simmonds and Matt Read are shining flecks of precious metal if one is mining gold, while the loses are the sand and gravel one is separating and discarding.  Moreover, Shayne Gostisbehere and Claude Giroux were providing the Wayne Train with the assists.  Also important,  Simmonds was giving the assist to Gostisbehere in the second period when he scored.  It is the circle of scoring and it is precious.  They are #GoalGoals.


Finally, the last goal of the game at 17:33 was coming from Jakub Voracek.  This is his second of the game and of the year, with Shayne Gostisbehere and Chris VandeVelde giving the assists.  The Philadelphia Flyers broke their losing streak and won their first home game of the season 6-3 over the Carolina Hurricanes.

Dual goal scorer Jakub Voracek reminisced about his almost, but not quite hat trick worthy evening; “…And I didn’t even fall down once.”

Steve Mason, who made 27 saves, reflected on his teams performance; “It was pretty solid and the goals we let in there were our own mistakes, we need to clean that up but when it came down to third period we needed to lock it up, it was a pretty good test, there.”

Brandon Manning, Matt Read, Shayne Gostisbehere and Wayne Simmonds all get a gold star right in the middle of their forehead.  Jakub Voracek gets two anywhere he cares to put them.

Captain Claude Giroux get a home made grilled cheese sandwich of victory because that is what winners eat when the win at home.


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