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NBA Weekly Power Rankings: Week 2



  1. Cleveland Cavaliers (6-0), Last Week’s Rank: 1. Lebron & Co. have gotten off to a 6-0 start to the season which is the best start in Lebron’s career.
  2. Los Angeles Clippers (6-1), Last Week’s Rank: 3. I really like this Clippers team if they can stay healthy & if Blake Griffin can prevent himself from punching a team trainer.
  3. San Antonio Spurs (5-2), Last Week’s Rank: 2. As long as Greg Popovich is head coach the Spurs will always be one of the best teams in the NBA.
  4. Golden State Warriors (5-2), Last Week’s Rank: 4. The Warriors in the last week has blown out the Thunder & Pelicans but also lost to the Lakers by 20. This team is going to be great when they figure things out.
  5. Toronto Raptors (4-2), Last Week’s Rank: 10. I am a firm believer that the Raptors will be the 2nd best team in the East just like they were last year.
  6. Oklahoma City Thunder (6-1), Last Week’s Rank: 6. Yeah the Thunder have started 6-1 without Kevin Durant but their roster isn’t that good & I don’t know if they keep winning like they are.
  7. Charlotte Hornets (5-1), Last Week’s Rank: 14. The Hornets could be an interesting team come playoff time if Kemba Walker is healthy.
  8. Atlanta Hawks (4-2), Last Week’s Rank: 7. The Hawks started off 3-0 so they drop a spot for me. I don’t know how good a team led by Dennis Schroder can be.
  9. Chicago Bulls (4-3), Last Week’s Rank: 5. The Bulls started off fast shooting 42.5% from 3 in the first week but since then they’ve fallen to 35.9% which isn’t terrible but I believe it will continue to fall.
  10. Utah Jazz (5-3), Last Week’s Rank: 18. The Utah Jazz have gotten Gordon Hayward back from injury & his impact has shown & I like the young core of this Jazz roster.
  11. Portland Trailblazers (4-3), Last Week’s Rank: 9. I like the duo of Damian Lillard & C.J McCollum but their team has shown weaknesses on defense that’s why they’ve dropped a couple spots for me.
  12. Milwaukee Bucks (4-3), Last Week’s Rank: 17. The experiment of Giannis Antetounmkpo at point guard has worked well so far with him averaging 21 points, 8 rebounds, & 6 assists per game.
  13. Houston Rockets (4-3): Last Week’s Rank: 12. James Harden has been really good to start the season at point guard but the Rockets refuse to play any defense.
  14. Detroit Pistons (4-3), Last Week’s Rank: 13. Stan Van Gundy always has his teams playing phenomenal on defense & Andre Drummond picked up from where he left off last year.
  15. Memphis Grizzlies (3-4), Last Week’s Rank: 8. The Grizzlies started off 2-1 & have lost 3 of their last 4 but with David Fizdale as head coach & Mike Conley leading the team the Grizzlies will be fine.
  16. Los Angeles Lakers (4-3), Last Week’s Rank: 22. The young core of the Lakers has to give Laker’s fans lots of optimism & it showed in the game against the Warriors where the Lakers won by 20.
  17. Boston Celtics (3-3), Last Week’s Rank: 11. I know the Celtics have not Al Horford available but I don’t think this team is as talented as people think.
  18. Denver Nuggets (3-3), Last Week’s Rank: 24. The Nuggets have looked pretty impressive the past week & we’ve been able to see the potential of Emmanuel Mudiay.
  19. Indiana Pacers (3-4), Last Week’s Rank: 19. This team has a few new pieces like Jeff Teague, Thaddeus Young, & Al Jefferson & if they can figure it out they could be a surprise team in the East.
  20. Orlando Magic (3-4), Last Week’s Rank: 27. The Magic’s young talent has looked better the past week winning 3 out of their last 4 games.
  21. Sacramento Kings (3-5), Last Week’s Rank: 16. The streak of Kings being in top 20 was short lived but Ty Lawson has given the Kings a little bit of a spark at the point guard position.
  22. New York Knicks (2-4), Last Week’s Rank: 15. The Knicks on paper would be a great team in 2011 but it’s not 2011. And can Joakim Noah be banned from taking jump shots???
  23. Phoenix Suns (2-5), Last Week’s Rank: 29. The Suns have a few good young players to look forward to. Devin Booker is going to be a superstar in the next couple years.
  24. Miami Heat (2-4), Last Week’s Rank: 21. This Heat team is hard to watch at times offensively. They go through tough shooting streaks that has caused them to lose their games.
  25. Minnesota Timberwolves (1-4), Last Week’s Rank: 20. This young Timberwolves team is just too good for me to believe that they won’t improve especially with Tom Thibodeau as head coach.
  26. Brooklyn Nets (2-4), Last Week’s Rank: 26. The Nets don’t have a particularly good roster but they’ve managed to pull out 2 wins.
  27. Dallas Mavericks (1-5), Last Week’s Rank: 25. It’s hard to imagine a Dallas team with Dirk Nowitzki being terrible but they’ve been just that & Nowitzki is out with injury right now.
  28. Washington Wizards (1-5), Last Week’s Rank: 23. This team has been really disappointing besides John Wall & I don’t see it getting much better with their mediocre roster.
  29. New Orleans Pelicans (0-7), Last Week’s Rank: 28.  The only reason I have Pelicans ahead of the 76ers is because the Pelicans have Anthony Davis, the 76ers do not. But the Pelicans have arguably looked like the worst team in the NBA.
  30. Philadelphia 76ers (0-6), Last Week’s Rank: 30. If you’re a 76ers fan there’s not much to be happy about but Joel Embiid looks like he was definitely worth the wait. Trust the process.

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