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Time to agree to better terms between NHL and Europe?



In the latest week, there has been some discussion among the hockey folks about the junior players from Russia, for example, that the Russian hockey should obstruct the flood of young prospects going too early to the NHL.

Well, we all know that Russian hockey has been more or less drained of young players who have gone to North America since 1991 even if Mogilny was the first one who took that step by escaping from the World Championship in 1989 in Stockholm.

However, I find it reasonable that the Russian hockey federation and the KHL find a way to make the young prospects stay a bit longer rather than go at a very young age.

Pretty much the same discussion has happened in Sweden and Finland that they go too early, especially when they only end up in the AHL and are not ready or have not been given at all some minutes in the NHL team that drafted them.

And a lot of them will never get a real chance either, some minutes here and there at the best, but far from an optimal situation, as they could have gained a lot more game minutes in their native leagues and played there until they were truly ready for the bigger stage.

Here are some translations from the much-initiated reporter on the KHL news and the KHL monetary situation, Tomáš Vorčák (@Vorkywh24 on Twitter)  he shared with us during the discussion we had.





Most of all, it is about coming to an agreement about better terms between the NHL and Europe.

The NHL teams get these young players at no cost at all while the European Clubs have educated these players through their academies and have therefore spent a lot of money on them, and get nothing back when the players leave or are drafted.

So, what’s the option?

Perhaps either make the arrangement that the NHL clubs pay for the player they want to draft and sign as the clubs do in football (if not a Bosman case aka a free player without contract) or make the young players pay the clubs they are leaving.

From a personal view, I’d like to see the NHL clubs pay for the contracted players, as the league is the top of all leagues and has all capacity to do so. It would also give a better impression in that sense of the league, and create less antagonism between the leagues.

Also, by that method you’re not punishing the young player for wanting to try the biggest scene of them all.

Yet, another thing on the matter.

This is also a good reason for the clubs over here in Europe to provide the young player’s mentors who have some experience from the NHL, someone who has eyes on them and tells them when or if they are ready to leave.

However, the main point is that the NHL, KHL and the other leagues in Europe should cut down the pride, sit down and form such a contract that makes everyone happy and no one feels as though they are losing at any level when the NHL clubs are picking the cherries from the European hockey cake.

Though force can protect in emergency, only justice, fairness, consideration and cooperation can finally lead men to the dawn of eternal peace.

-Dwight D. Eisenhower



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