Arrington Veargis: An Under Recruited Prospect Looking For The Process To Pay Off

Arrington Veargis is trying to get his recruiting process off the ground. The South Miami Senior football program is

Arrington Veargis is trying to get his recruiting process off the ground.

The South Miami Senior football program is working to get some attention paid to Veargis who just finished his first season playing high school football. His film, which can be seen below has been sent to 80+ universities in an effort to get him his first of hopefully many offers.

What the five-foot-nine, 140 pound, safety in the 2018 recruiting class does know, however,  is what schools he is interested in and who his dream school is. He has high interest in Florida State and the University of Florida. And his dream school is West Virginia where his uncle, Roman Nelson, played football and graduated from according to Veargis.

The player Veargis admires at his position is Karl Joseph, a fellow Miami, Florida native like Veargis who was drafted in the first round, 14th overall by the Oakland Raiders in the 2016 NFL Draft. He also played for a West Virginia and was a standout while with the Mountaineers.

“…I like that he plays with passion and with a grudge. I like his passion,” Veargis said of Joseph.

Donald Jackson, South Miami Senior defensive coordinator and cousin of Arrington Veargis had this to say about the growth he has seen from his young defensive back.

“The growth that I’ve come to see from Arrington on the football field and in the weight room was quite spectacular, but the most growth I’ve witnessed from him has to be becoming a better overall student-athlete,” he said.

Jackson added that Veargis’ performance in the classroom has helped him when diagnosing plays in the Cobras’ defensive scheme; this has also lead to Veargis performing well on game days.

“…I expect his ceiling to now become his floor for his upcoming senior season,” Jackson said.

Despite Veargis being under-recruited up to this point, Jackson said that when he spoke with a coach from ASA College in Miami about Arrington, the coach was impressed with his range and the ground that he is able to cover when the ball is in the air in addition to his excellent ability to tackle the ball carrier in open space and recognize routes of wide receivers.

“Safety, it’s fun. It’s basically like you’re the quarterback of the defense. You control everything, you can see everything,” Veargis said about why he enjoys playing safety.

Veargis has the leadership quality needed to be the quarterback of the Cobras defense.

“His best qualities that will most certainly translate to the next level are that he absorbs information that’s directed by the Coaches just like a sponge. Also, he has the ability to lead and take charge of a group when needed or instructed to do so,” Jackson said.

Arrington Veargis said that he will miss his teachers, friends, the fun he had and his teammates when his time is all said and done at South Miami Senior High School and wants to be remembered as a student-athlete but more importantly as a good person.

“I just want to see Arrington become an overall better person and use all of the negatives that he’s faced in life to elevate himself towards a greater path that would lead him to become the 1st of his immediate family to go to college,” Jackson said.

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