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New England Patriots

Why Tom Brady Winning MVP Isn’t Insane



This 2016 NFL season was surely one to remember, but what will truly stand out is its undeniably close MVP race. Whoever you think should win the NFL’s most coveted award this year, one thing is for certain, there is a case for many players. None of whom are more deserving then, you guessed it, Tom Brady.

This may come as a surprise to someone looking at the passing stats of this years top gunslingers in the NFL, but Tom Brady did in fact miss a quarter of the season.

Thats 4, count em’, 4 full NFL games less then his competition. Yet Brady still put up just shy of 300 completions, just 4 yards shy of 300 yards per game, followed with a total of over 3,500 yards and a staggering 28 TD’s (Lest we forget Legarrette Blount vultured 18 additional touchdowns).

These number land Brady among the top 15- 20 in every category, along with a top 7 finish in td’s. Also landing a spot just below his favored colleague Matt Ryan in the NFL’s quarterback rate with a score of 112.2, (with Ryan at 117).

To show how this rating lines up with the rest of the league, no other QB scored higher than 104. Oh and by the way, Tom Brady also broke the record for lowest interception percentage of any player in the history of the NFL at 0.46% with just 2 picks in 432 pass attempts, not too shabby huh?

However one of the biggest cases made for quarterbacks winning MVP is not the stats they put up, but the wins. Brady missing half the seasoning playing 12 games, won 11 of them, with the lone loss coming at the hands of arch rival Seattle. The only quarterback to post more wins then Brady in this discussion would be the young bull Dak Prescott out of Dallas. With Matt Ryan at 11 and Aaron Rodgers at 10, its horrendous for these candidates not to be able to reach a win total posted by a player who missed 4 games.

But do wins really matter when voting for an MVP?

When talking about wins, running backs aren’t held to the same standard these gunslingers are, and can scrape an MVP season out with their team going above .500. The game changes entirely when you switch the MVP conversation to quarterbacks. Since this award has been created, 40 quarterbacks have won the elusive MVP trophy, 30 of them have not had more than 3 losses on the season, and no QB in the history of the league has had over 5 losses and won an MVP.

With Ryan at 5 and Rodgers at 6, they fall into an extremely low percentile of quaterbacks in the MVP conversation. One would think in order for either of these QB’s to win the MVP, their passing statistics would have to blow the rest of the candidates out of the water, but this simply just isn’t the case.

Whatever your opinion, there is certainly many players extremely deserving of the NFL’s most prestigious award this year, whether it be Brady, or Ryan or Rodgers or Prescott or even Elliot. The true trophy these players are after, will rise them to greater heights then this MVP race ever could, and they play for it on the 5th of February.



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New England Patriots

Judge Blocks Release of Robert Kraft Spa Video



Apparently that reportedly “damning” video of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s visit to the infamous Orchids of Asia Day Spa, where he allegedly received sexual services, won’t be reaching the public just yet.

The Assistant State Attorney in Palm Beach County has filed new court documents saying that he is obligated to release the footage, involving Kradt and shot inside the Day Spa, to the media as a matter of law.

However, Florida 15th Judicial Circuit Court Joseph Marx has blocked the release of the video for now, according to ABC News.

“I don’t want this released until I’ve ruled,” Marx said in an emergency hearing on a conference call with the two parties and the media late Wednesday afternoon.

Under Florida’s so-called “Sunshine” law, any records made or received by any public agency in the course of its official business are available for inspection, unless specifically exempted by the Florida Legislature, per the report.

Florida state officials said that they would “pixelate or blur depictions of obscene or pornographic images before releasing such records to the public, absent a court order.”

Kraft’s lawyers filed a letter to the judge in court records to apprise him of what they described as “an extraordinary and alarming development involving what appears to be gross prosecutorial misconduct” and accused law enforcement officials of trying to circumvent the judgment of the court. 

The plot continues to thicken, but for now, Kraft’s video is locked away from the public.

For now.

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New England Patriots

Florida Prosecutors Offer to Drop Robert Kraft’s Solicitation Charges



Prosecutors in Florida have offered to drop solicitation of prostitution charges against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft if he agrees to admit that he would have been proven guilty had he gone to trial to fight the charges, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Andrew Beaton.

Kraft, 77, was charged with two misdemeanor counts of first-degree solicitation after he was allegedly caught on camera paying for, and receiving, oral and manual sex at the infamous Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida.

One of the incidents allegedly occurred back in January on the morning of the Patriots’ AFC Championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs, which the Patriots won en route to their Super Bowl victory.

According to the report, prosecutors have offered the same deal to the other men charged in the sting. Beaton considered the offer “unusual” (h/t NBC Sports Boston).

Additionally, if Kraft decides to take the deal, the Patriots owner will have to complete an education course about prostitution, complete 100 hours of community service, and undergo screening for sexually transmitted diseases.

According to ESPN, Kraft is one of 200 people that allegedly engaged in sex acts at Florida massage parlors that were targeted in the sting.

Kraft has denied the allegations.


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Kansas City Chiefs

Tom Brady And Pats Play Record 8th AFC Championship Game, Seek 6th Superbowl



It’s Championship Sunday and one of the NFL staples remain atop the league. The New England Patriots are appearing in their record 8th AFC title game in hopes of competing for a sixth title.

A season that most organizations would be happy with, was one of challenge for the Patriots. Usually a top tier team, they suffered bad losses to the Jaguars, Titans and Dolphins. However, in Patriot fashion along a weak AFC East, the Patriots finished 11-5, won a 10th straight conference title and secured a first round bye.

Kansas City will host New England in the AFC Championship game in what is a rematch from week six. That game featured an offensive clinic ,  As reported by CBS Boston, Brady went 24-35 passing for 340 yards and touchdown in that game; Mahomes went 23-36 passing for 352 yards and four touchdowns. The AFC Championship could very well play out the same way.

The Chiefs will be a tough out, They won their first home playoff game in 25 years last week against the Colts and are riding one of the most prolific offenses in history behind quarterback whisperer Andy Reid and phenome Patrick Mahomes who is arguably the NFLs best young QB.

In what is a David and Goliath matchup, Brady seems to imply they are the underdog. As he told CBS’s Tracy Wolfson, “I know everyone thinks we suck and, you know, cant win games,”.  Will the dynasty continue? Or will Reid and Mahomes hoist the Lombardi?

I’m leaning towards the game plan of Bill Belichick and veteran experience of Tom Brady in this one. I think a Patriot/Saints matchup is in order. Either way, it will undoubtedly be one for the ages.

Game Time: Sunday January 20th at 6:40ET/5:40CT on CBS.

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