Brook Lopez, Serge Ibaka, Danilo Gallinari Next Players To Likely Be Traded

With a rumored Jahlil Okafor trade close to completion, despite not know exactly what team is working to acquire the Phliadelphia 76ers big man, there appears to be even more trades in the works.

Here are the most likely big named players to be moved next and their likely destinations.

Brook Lopez, Brooklyn Nets

The Nets are determined to “net” (no pun intended) two 1st-round draft picks in return for their 28-year old center and most valuable trade asset. There are only a handful of teams that, theoretically, could offer an enticing enough package to Brooklyn to warrant moving Lopez.

The team to watch is the New Orleans Pelicans who seem intent on pairing another big-man alongside Anthony Davis. The question becomes whether or not the Pelicans can offer a trade package that the Nets would deem valuable.

The Pelicans are the most actively interested team in Lopez, but a darkhorse could be the Phoenix Suns.

Reports recently surfaced about the Suns interest in trading for Sacramento Kings superstar DeMarcus Cousins, but if that deal falls through and/or Cousins is truly not available for trade, the Suns may kick the tires on Lopez.

Serge Ibaka, Orlando Magic

Orlando made a bold trade this past offseason when they traded for Ibaka, who was then with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Magic parted with Victor Oladipo and the rights to No. 11 pick Domantas Sabonis to complete the deal with the thinking that Ibaka would have a long-term future in Orlando.

It appears that those initial plans are being scrubbed as Orlando is making Ibaka available.

The Los Angeles Clippers could jump in the mix but it appears that the Toronto Raptors could be the more interested team.

Either way expect Ibaka’s name to surface plenty as we approach the NBA trade deadline.


Danilo Gallinari, Dever Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets are likely ready to deal Danilo Gallinari, due to the club’s belief that Gallinari is prepared to bypass the final season of his current contract, which is valued at $16.1 million, to hit free agency.

This makes moving Gallinari a necessity for Denver.

Watch the Raptors and the Clippers when it comes to Gallinari.