Chargers’ Gus Bradley Wants To Build On Joey Bosa’s Big Year

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Joey Bosa has given Los Angeles Chargers fans plenty to be excited about

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Joey Bosa has given Los Angeles Chargers fans plenty to be excited about after a sensational rookie year. Now, Bosa has new Chargers defensive coordinator Gus Bradley hyped up for next season.

“I’m excited to coach everybody, but of course it’s exciting to have players like that,” Bradley said

“But what really is more so for me is that when you have good players like that, they have the ability to elevate everybody around them. That is what is so exciting. They know a standard, other players will learn that standard, and together we will raise it as a whole.”

Bradley had some great things to say about Bosa:

“What a great year he had. You talk about a competitor — there is a lot that goes into being able to come in that early into the NFL and play at the level he played at his first year. I knew when we were scouting Joey Bosa (while with the Jaguars) that this is the player he is with his work ethic. Football is extremely important to him, and he is highly competitive. When you put on the tape and watch it, that is what you see play in and play out. He had a fabulous first year, and now the challenge is we have to add to it.”

Things are looking up for Bradley after his lack of success as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. While the franchise showed him plenty of faith and patience, Bradley was unable to get the Jags pointed in the right direction.

The disappointment boiled over this season after Jacksonville was a hot pick to make a playoff push. The Jags fell far short of those expectations and Bradley lost his job because of it.

Now Bradley will try to re-build his reputation in Los Angeles so that maybe one day he can get another crack at an NFL head coaching job. Having a talent like Bosa to work with will sure make that process a bit easier.


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