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Love and passion for life and hockey



Life is beautiful!

There is so much in life that is beautiful and worth resting upon with the eyes and the mind. Even in the ugliest sight, you can find something that you’d hold as beautiful and focus only on that little spot that is shining with grace.

Perhaps you might think that I am joking (badly) or want to point out things such as the war in Syria, all the 60-70 million refugees around the world, the political situation in the United States and Russia, the mess in the European Union and any other appalling situations in the world as proof that I am wrong.

But, as it seems, no matter the situation, there is always something stunning that will occur which makes our minds change and our perceptions expand in a way that we couldn’t foresee.

I am talking about a moment I had during another task I have besides the hockey writing, but in a way connected to hockey and to the hockey player, I am going to talk about soon, as a part of the life.

Not that I am saying that I’m a holy spirit or a saint, certainly not a Mother Teresa kind of person, but perhaps a good and a happy person who just wishes the best for all people I meet.

Nonetheless, during this task which is connected to helping refugees, I met this little girl some weeks ago, around twelve years old, from Syria.

She had basically nothing. Her parents’ fates were unknown, but most likely they are dead and gone in the sands of Syria.

Yet, in her brown eyes, deep as eternity, there was no sorrow or hate, despite the fact that hateful people have chased her away and killed her parents, just to increase their power and gain more material wealth.

That little Syrian girl smiled and told me that she was so happy to get new friends in the school nearby. As you can understand, in her eyes, there was no sorrow or hate, only love and passion for life despite the grim fate she has been through.

Imagine how the world would be if someone else with a far better material standard, a job, who can afford to go to vacation trips and so on could show same deepness of love and passion as her?

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When I see Sergei Mozyakin in Magnitogorsk, I see the same as I see in that little girl I talked about above. Worth repeat the meaning again here: the love and passion for life (and for hockey).

Mozyakin’s ability to score and find his teammates is as my dear writing colleague, the eminent Patrick Conway said to me, otherworldly, and it is well-documented in the records. He’ll be long-time remembered after he has ended his career on the ice.

New numbers were added during this weekend against SKA St. Petersburg when he scored a hat-trick within five magical minutes. You can see the highlights here:

  • 8th KHL career hat trick (T-1st).
  • 47th goal in one season (1st).
  • 998th career point (1st).

And, we could talk ourselves exhausted about his God-given gift for scoring and his timing when he passes the puck, but I am myself not sure what there is left to say, to be honest.

The thing that tops his ability, the best of all actually, is that a more humble player you have to look for and won’t be sure at all of the findings.

Mozyakin doesn’t talk much but no one – in his surroundings and his silence – can be unaffected by his deep love, the same eternal depth I could see in the little Syrian girl’s brown eyes, for the game and for his way of being there for his teammates when they need him.

Therefore, I feel myself an indescribable amount of gratitude for having met that little girl from Syria who has only love in her eyes and for having seen Mozyakin play during my lifetime, to have taken part in their love and passion, no matter the situation.

So, when I am thinking about these two persons and their incredible way of looking at life (or in Mozyakin’s case, the game of hockey), which makes my mind a lot lighter even if I am a happy person, I am claiming with emphasis that life is beautiful.

I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.

-Albert Rubenstein




Arto Palovaara, Sunday Chronicler for Sports Rants Europe. Previously, he contributed for the betting company Betsafe, Svenska fans, Get real hockey and Ice nation UK. He is also an educated archaeologist and life coach who loves literature and history. Not to forget: probably he is the only sportswriter that plays the banjo.