Texans’ Bill O’Brien Excited About Quarterbacks For 2017

Tony Romo who? The rumors that are connecting Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to the Houston Texans continue to

Tony Romo who?

The rumors that are connecting Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to the Houston Texans continue to make their rounds around the NFL sewing circles and media outlet headlines.

Those rumors haven’t phased Texans’ head coach Bill O’Briend who is focusing on his current roster of signal callers for the 2017 season.

“Well first of all, Tony is under contract so he’s a Dallas Cowboy,” O’Brien said in an interview with NFL Network’s Judy Battista that airs on Monday (h/t NFL.com).

“We feel like, right now, we have two quarterbacks that’ll be there on April 17, the beginning of our offseason program. It’ll be Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden. We are really looking forward to working with those guys. Both those guys can throw the football. Tom is a guy who played two or three games for us last year, played well, did some good things for our football team. Still a young player, so we’re real excited to work with him. We’re excited to be working with Brandon. Two years ago, he helped us win a couple games as our starting quarterback, so that’s where it is right now. Now, every day in this league is a fluid situation. Every day, whether it’s the draft or free agency or someone gets released or whatever that is. But today, as we sit here right now, we’re excited and we will be excited about who we have in that room, and of course, over the next few weeks, maybe we add to that room, maybe we don’t…”

O’Brien also believes that quarterback Tom Savage can man starting quarterback duties if he is indeed called upon to do so.

“Absolutely,” O’Brien said.

“He came into some tough games, the Jacksonville game last year that we had to win. We were down in the game, he helped us come back. He helped us beat Cincinnati on Christmas Eve, which was a big game that we had to win to clinch the South. We knew we had to win because of what happened earlier in the day in our division. And he helped us win that game. He got injured, and that’s been kind of one of the things that’s happened to him. He’s been injured over the last three years of his career. But if you look at the history of the league, there’s a number of guys who have played that were injured early in their career. Tom is a smart guy, he can throw the ball really well, he knows our system and he’s a guy that we’re real excited about working with.”

“I believe he can,” O’Brien continued.

“Now look, I think the thing about the injury question, that’s a tough question for any coach to answer. Ultimately he knows what he needs to do to stay healthy. He’s a smart guy. He’s actually worked very hard to change his body in the years that he’s been with us. He’s gotten stronger and in better shape, more flexible. But you know, when he plays the game maybe he needs to do things a little bit smarter with the experience that he has now, to stay healthy for 16 games.”

A lot may change if and when the Cowboys ultimately release Tony Romo as all signs point to the Texans being at the front of the line for the veteran quarterback’s services. But for now, O’Brien is saying all the right things about his current situation at quarterback.

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