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Michael Green: Someone Looking For A Program To Take A Chance On His Talent



Michael Green started playing football when he was five years old. He developed a love for it when he was given the opportunity to be a Varsity Quarterback for Sam Houston MSTC High School in Houston, Texas.

His sophomore year, however, is when he first faced adversity because he tore his ACL and thought he would never be the player he once was. The advice he received from his parents was what has pushed him to be the player he is today.

“…My mom and dad they just kept telling me, ‘you’re not going to be the same person, you’re going to be better. When you come out of this, you have to work. Work harder and work harder. You’re going to return and you’re going to be better. Give it all you got and never lose faith,’ and that’s what I did. I never lost faith and here I am today still pushing,” he said.

Growing up in Houston, Michael Green didn’t have a lot of role models in his part of the city. His parents showed him a different path and told him that there was more than just what he was seeing around him.

He works hard on and off the field as he currently has a 3.29 GPA and would maybe like to study medicine.

“I think what I can bring to a university is my good education. I work hard on and off the field. I work hard. I just want to be one of those [people] who made an impact on the community. With success on the field, some kids don’t really have a role model and people they can look up to, positivity in their life. I just want to be that big brother figure that just shows them that you can do what you want to do if you put your mind to it. That’s what I want to bring.”

As a quarterback on film, he has wheels to run with the football and arm strength. What is more impressive is his footwork in the pocket and ability to get away from defenders in that part of the field. Check out his junior highlights.

“What I believe the best part of my game is my ability to read a defense. I study film all the time I just take what they give me. I’m not going to force anything and try to make something that’s not there. Whatever they give me, that’s what I’m going to take advantage of. If there’s an open opportunity I’m going to take it,” he said.

His recruiting process he believes hasn’t gone well and just wants an opportunity to show that he is the best quarterback in the 2018 class.

“…It’s not being cocky, it’s confidence. I know what I do. I work hard, I put in 110 percent effort every day. I know that I can be the best. I am the best quarterback in 2018. If one college gives me a chance to show it, it’s going to show.”

The six foot, 172 pound, quarterback has high interest in the Universities of Houston, Kentucky, Kansas, Texas, Rice, Texas State, Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin.

Michael Green is looking for leadership and positivity at the schools he is going to visit. He wants to know that people there are going to help him grow not only as a football player but as a man.

“…In this world, I know football may be everything to some people but at the end of the day, you have to be a man. You can’t just play football and make dumb decisions. You have to be smart, you have to be wise. You have to have a leadership in front of you in order for you to succeed as well.”

Cam Newton and Warren Moon are two NFL quarterbacks that Green looks up to because they are two African American quarterbacks who have gone through adversity during their careers.

“…When you’re an African American quarterback, you play with adversity no matter what. You just have to overcome. You just have to keep pushing. Cam and Warren Moon, they just overcame adversity and kept pushing to prove that were the best [despite] everything they’ve been through,” he said.

The Sam Houston MSTC High School Tigers have struggled to have a winning season over the three years Green has been there but he wants to leave a legacy and take the team farther than they’ve ever been before.

“…What I’ll miss about the school, just the atmosphere. The administrators, the principals, and the teachers they all connect with me and relate to me and make me feel like I’m at home. Without my parents there, they’re parents to me. They connect with me, they relate to me and they just make me feel welcome. That’s what I like most about the school. There is so much leadership and positivity around that area.”