Top 10 Remaining NFL Free Agents And Potential Landing Spots

The NFL Draft is over, the NFL Free Agency waves have calmed significantly and teams are running the first

The NFL Draft is over, the NFL Free Agency waves have calmed significantly and teams are running the first phase of player offseason activities.

Here are 10 of the top remaining free agents and where they could potentially end up.

Nick Mangold, C

Mangold, 33, spent his entire career as a staple and cornerstone of the New York Jets offensive line and it’s kind of surprising that the market for the veteran center is practically mute.

Mangold has been offered to switch to guard, but if he wants to play center and wouldn’t mind a role as a rotational sub-player, he could find a home sooner rather than later.

His ties to the front office in Miami coupled with the injury concerns surrounding Mike Pouncey make the Dolphins a sensible landing spot for Mangold.

Signs With: Miami Dolphins

Anquan Boldin, WR

Boldin, 37, is still producing and still serving as a great mentor to young receivers.

Boldin could still end up in Detroit, where he played last season, but he has rumored to be only interested in playing close to home which would limit his opportunities.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be a great spot for Boldin who could mentor the younger receivers there and add a tough, hard-nosed, sure-handed receiver to an already stacked receiver corps.

Signs With: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Victor Cruz, WR

It’s hard to imagine the plight of Victor Cruz, once a superstar and once one of the better receivers in the league.

Although injuries have plagued him the past few years, he had a solid season last year with the Giants and could still be a productive wideout for a veteran team.

The Detroit Lions could use someone like Cruz as insurance for their receiving corps and perhaps Cruz can have more chances in Detroit then any other team at this point.

Signs With: Detroit Lions

Darrelle Revis, CB

Revis’ cold market indicate that a position change is pretty much the only route to go for Revis if he wants to get back on the field.

If Revis is willing to play safety there could be a rejuvenated interest in signing him to a short-term deal.

San Francisco could use his experience to help mentor some of the young players on the defensive side of their roster.

But the Buffalo Bills, who lost key players in free agency, could use a vet like Revis to help show that big names (although no longer the elite player) are willing to go to Buffalo.

Revis’ experience in the AFC East, cold weather games and his knowledge of the teams Buffalo plays 2-times a year are all selling points.

Signs With: Buffalo Bills

Dan Williams, DT

Dan Williams isn’t far removed from being a “big” free-agent signing of the Oakland Raiders.

But Williams was cut just before the draft and now he finds himself looking for a place to call home in 2017.

Teams like Miami and the Giants could be potential fits as both need some veteran depth on the interior of their defensive line.

Signs With: New York Giants

Colin Kaepernick, QB

Is anyone really surprised that Kaepernick has made teams weary of signing him.

Bottom line is that teams don’t want the distraction and it’s telling that only a year ago we were talking about teams pushing to trade for Kaepernick (Broncos, Texans) and now it seems no one is even sniffing around the outspoken quarterback.

Alas, Cleveland would be a great spot for him and it would work well for both sides.

The Browns have the task of developing a young quarterback and need to keep him off the field for at least 2017. But their projected QBs may throw a wrench in those plans.

Cleveland signing Kaepernick, who played well in spurts last season, could give them a major upgrade at QB and allow them to stick to their plan of developing their rookie QB.

Signs With: Cleveland Browns

LaGarrette Blount, RB

It’s kind of shocking that Blount is still on the free agent market, but a number of analysts thought interest in the power back would pick up after the draft.

Well, the draft is over and Blount still is sitting at home. Teams like the Giants, Packers and the Lions have been tied to Blount.

Signs With: Green Bay Packers

Michael Floyd, WR

What a downward spiral for Michael Floyd.

Last year at this time Floyd was eyeing a big payday for free agency in 2017.

Then his DUI arrest happened. Then he was cut from the Arizona Cardinals. Then he was forgettable for the New England Patriots.

Now, he needs a revival and he should be pleading with the Baltimore Ravens for a chance at redemption.

After all, they have a need at wide receiver and Floyd would be a good “get”.

Signs with: Baltimore Ravens

Ryan Clady, OT

Injuries have derailed Clady’s career and have limited his market interest.

A short term, “prove it” deal would be Clady’s best bet and he may be better served as a rotational backup at this point in his career.

Signs With: Los Angeles Rams

Jason McCourty, CB

The former Tennessee Titan is hoping to land a deal with the New England Patriots, where his twin brother plays.

McCourty may not get a big payday, as he failed to live up the contract the Titans gave him which led to his release.

But Bill Belichick loves veteran players and adding McCourty could give yet more depth to an already stacked Patriots team.

Signs With: New England Patriots


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