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Arizona Coyotes

Solutions For The 6 NHL Teams That Need Captains



Entering the 2017-18 NHL season, six teams do not have a player wearing a “C” on his jersey, Arizona, Buffalo, Carolina, Nashville, Toronto and (for obvious reasons) Las Vegas. Though captaincy in the NHL really is just a formality on paper, every team needs a player in that role to be a leader and hold teammates accountable.

Though potentially none of these could happen, each of the six teams has a player who is the favorite and should be named captain.

Arizona Coyotes- Oliver Ekman-Larsson (D)

The essential Arizona Coyote, Shane Doan, retired yesterday after spending his entire career with them. The last active player who was on the original Winnipeg team, Doan had been the captain of the Desert Dogs since 2003 and was also the longest tenured captain in the League. Losing its franchise cornerstone is a big blow to Arizona, but they have a stalwart more than ready to step up. Oliver Ekman-Larsson is one of the NHL’s top offensive defensemen and has been the Coyotes most potent threat in recent years, even if last season was underwhelming for him. No one else on the team is a viable candidate, but that doesn’t matter because Ekman-Larsson is the overwhelming favorite for the C. With Doan now retired, Arizona is his team.

Buffalo Sabres- Jack Eichel (C)


There’s been a lot of contention regarding Eichel’s candidacy to be Buffalo’s captain. He obviously has the talent and the poise, but some fear that he’s too young still, though Edmonton made Connor McDavid its captain this season and he scored 100 points. Buffalo effectively released former captain Brian Gionta this offseason and new Head Coach Phil Housley has not yet named a replacement. Eichel is the face and future of the Sabres and is ready for the responsibility after maturing a great deal during the Sabres’ frustrating past season. If not in Housley’s eyes, Ryan O’Reilly is also an easy choice.

Carolina Hurricanes- Justin Faulk (D)

The ‘Canes have not had a captain since longtime star Eric Staal was traded to the Rangers at the 2016 Deadline and instead went with four alternates last season, Jordan Staal, Victor Rask, Jeff Skinner and Justin Faulk. Of the four, Faulk is easily the best choice. A rising star in the NHL and very capable two-way defender, Faulk has all the tools to lead Carolina out of the gutter. Still young at only 25, the Hurricanes aren’t going to let their golden goose go anywhere any time soon. Giving him the C is a no-brainer.

Nashville Predators- PK Subban (D)

Sportsnet Canada.

Like Arizona, Nashville has a vacancy here because Mike Fisher retired after leading the franchise to its first Stanley Cup Final. Not a bad way to go out, especially when you get to go home to Carrie Underwood. Besides Fish’s excellence, the team’s head-turning run was propelled by the ever-dynamic PK Subban. Say what you want about him, but he’s easily one of the most electric players in the League and would make a great captain. His leadership helped fill a huge void after the team shocked the world with the trade of its former captain, Shea Weber. The Predators have the tools to dominate again, and Subban deserves the captaincy honor. Ryan Ellis and Roman Josi could also do the job.

Toronto Maple Leafs- Tyler Bozak (C)

“What stuff are you smokin’, idiot??” I’m sure you’re thinking. Yeah I know this one is a bit out of left field, but it makes sense when you think of it (plus I couldn’t be totally predictable with the list). Auston Matthews is fresh off a great rookie season and the Calder Trophy, yes. But there’s still no rush to put the C on the youngster. I know this may also seem hypocritical since I just said that Buffalo should give theirs to Eichel, but it’s just not the same case. Tyler Bozak has been on the Leafs since 2009 and is a seasoned veteran, fresh off a career year. Giving him the captaincy is a smarter move than Matthews because, unlike Eichel, Matthews hasn’t proven he can handle the pressure yet. Bozak as captain will allow the Leafs’ core of young stars that also includes Morgan Reilly, Mitchell Marner and William Nylander to continue to mature. The same could be said for new acquisition Patrick Marleau, but Bozak has been there the longest and deserves it most.

Vegas Golden Knights- Deryk Engelland


The Vegas Golden Knights have not yet named a captain for their inaugural season. Marc Methot seemed to be the easy choice but he was traded to Dallas. Now the Toronto Sun suggested this and it confused me at first, but it actually makes a lot of sense. While Deryk Engelland is relatively unknown in the NHL and an modest, stay-at-home defenseman, he would be a perfect fit for Golden Knights’ captain. Engelland played two years in the ECHL for the Las Vegas Wranglers and Vegas hockey fans know who he is. He’s the closest thing to a homemade player that the team has and fans would instantly recognize him as the team’s captain. There are other choices like Jason Garrison and James Neal, but Engelland is a familiar face to Las Vegas and fans would love him as the leader.

Agree/disagree? As always, be sure to take to Twitter to let me know how brilliant or stupid I am.

I'm glad to have the opportunity to be on this site. Buffalo Sabres and Boston Red Sox fan. I'll gladly discuss both Hockey and Baseball with you. I'm open to differences of opinion.

Arizona Coyotes

Philadelphia Flyers vs Coyotes 10-27-2016; Heritage Night & Twitter Dislikes Andrew MacDonald



Philadelphia Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers had a Heritage Night Ceremony, lost to the Arizona Coyotes and set off a lack of bidding war on Andrew MacDonald’s contract on 10-27-2016.

Photo by Len Redkoles NHLI via Getty Images

Before playing the Arizona Coyotes on 10-27- 2016, the Philadelphia Flyers celebrated Heritage Night, commemorating  50 years of Flyers hockey and honoring those who are in the Flyers Hall of Fame.  Inductees present included Bobby Clarke, Bernie Parent, Reggie Leach, Joe Watson, Brian Propp, Mark Howe, Dave Poulin, Ron Hextall, Dave Schultz, Jon LeClair, Eric Lindros, Rod Brind’Amour and Jim Watson.  Family members stood in for Keith Allen, Mr. Ed Snider, Rick MacLeish, Barry Ashbee and Gene Hart.  Seeing Philadelphia Flyers greats and their loving families complete a ring of awesome around center ice is lovely for the eyes and spirit to behold.

Once play began, it was business usual for the Philadlephia Flyers, they did not score during the 1st period.  In tedious fashion, this is the 7th our of 8 games with this happening.  However, the Coyotes put 2 goals on the boards.  The first from Jamie McGinn at 7:33 in, and the second from Oliver Ekman-Larsson at 11:22.

Flyers Captain Claude Giroux realizes the first period lag; “Yeah the whole team, as a team we need to make sure were on that same page, I thought we were, the first was kind of ugly, that’s why we lost.”

Likewise, Coach Dave Hakstol had similar reflections; “We didn’t play well to start this game; we didn’t have the intensity to begin the game at the drop of the puck. It wasn’t there. We have to address that, we have to get better…..Several things we weren’t good enough in.  Number one, we dug ourselves a two-goal deficit and weren’t very good without the puck.  Quite honestly, throughout the game we weren’t good enough without the puck. Being a little sloppy with it, turning over in poor situations.”

Also relevant is the fact that Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Andrew MacDonald has considerable criticism leveled against him for many things in this game.  One of them is Jamie McGinn’s goal.  MacDonald was in position to possibly block Anthony Duclair’s shot on goal or its rebound to Jamie McGinn, which resulted in a goal. However, he failed to do any of those things.  Also, it is very true that he is not the only defenseman on the team.  Nonetheless, he is the defenseman closest to both players and in prime position to be making a big difference in whether goals are scored or not.  The 1st period ended with the Arizona Coyotes leading 2-0 over the Philadelphia Flyers.

In contrast, the Flyers made it to the score board during the 2nd period, with Nick Cousins lighting the lamp at 9:34.  Brayden Schenn and Dale Weiss were assisting.  At 15:00, Brayden Schenn got his very own goal, tying the game 2-2.  Captain Claude Giroux and Shayne Gostisbehere assisted (aren’t they such good guys?).  The score remained 2-2 for the rest of the period.

It was a weird game that got weirder in the third period.  Flyer Brayden Schenn and Coyote Jacob Chychrun exchanged the fisticuffs at the same moment Martin Hanzal snuck the puck past Steve Mason.  Actually, Flyer Andrew MacDonald ended up running over and on top of his goalie while trying to get to Hanzal.  So, sneaking isn’t the best word.  Contrarily, MacDonald played the beloved children’s game “King of the Goalie” and won.  Therefore, it was not so much sneaking and more of  MacDonald held the door open and Hanzal walked the puck through it.  Same team, MacDonald, same team.

“Their D skated up and I shifted too far to the left and he made a nice play to the middle and beat me with speed down the middle … that’s on me for sure…” said MacDonald.  “We’re fortunate  to come back once in a while, but you can’t continuously be fighting from behind, just sloppy play and poor reads and they’re able to get a few more on us.”

Flyers Goalie Steve Mason is making no excuses for the goal; “I wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on.  I was focused on the play coming at me. Whether there was a whistle blown or not, we still gave up a goal.”

Now, back to the other goal issues.  After much deliberating whether the Schenn versus Chychrun fight took place before the goal, it is declared a good goal.  The Coyotes again took the lead 3-2.  Shortly after, they added on to their lead at 8:10 due to Brad Richardson’s goal.  Withal, 24 seconds later, Andrew MacDonald made it a one goal game for the Flyers with a score of 3-4.  There was a slight bit of irony with this goal coming from MacDonald.  It helps make up for some of the aberrations for the evening, nothing says “I’m sorry” like goals.  Travis Konecy and Ivan Provorov were assisting.

At 15:41, former Flyer and current Coyote Ryan White scored the final goal for Arizona of the evening, making a comeback that much further away for the Flyers.  With just 15 seconds left in the game, Flyer Wayne Simmonds valiantly made his effort to tie up the game.  Unfortunately, no one followed his goal and he netted a final score of 4-5, with the Arizona Coyotes defeating the Philadelphia Flyers.  This breaks the Coyotes 5 game losing streak.  The Flyers are the only team they have beaten this season so far.

Head coach Dave Hakstol did not single out a single person, but the group; “We got to look ourselves. That always starts with waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror. That starts with me and goes through our entire group”

“That’s a game right there for the taking and it wasn’t the matter of anything else but us losing the game,” Flyers goalie Steve Mason said. “It was our own doing.”

Claude Giroux’s post game snack is sadness, he will never go hungry and will not be eating a grilled cheese sandwich of victory.  Those are for winners only.

Andrew MacDonald, the name on everyone’s lips.

The uncanny level of vitriol aimed at Philadelphia Flyers Defenseman from the fans was nothing short of extraordinary.  Twitter may have voted him off the planet.  The posts are unkind, but they are entertaining.  Look up his name on twitter and see for your self.  There is even a go fund me page, made in jest, raising money to buy out his contract.

The 30 million dollar question:

Is it his play, or the expensive and shackle like contract that brought him here?  The answer is most likely both.  Expensive shackles aren’t necessarily a bad thing.  If the person in the deal has the Stanley Cup in their back pocket or wasn’t sent back to minors last year, it’s a good thing.  Notwithstanding, 5 million dollars a year is a bargain for a cup bearer.  In like manner, to have that person do so 6 years is an investment in greatness and dynastic ambitions.

The reasons people riled up:

MacDonald’s plays for the evening, at times, featured passes or plays that were more difficult and riskier than need be.  Giveaways happened and he made some less than optimal choices in the heat of the moment.  He proved the Robert Frost phrase “Two roads diverged in a wood I- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” correct, but not in a good way.  Sometimes the path with least resistance is the way to go, and his choices and mistakes made a big difference.  Since 2 of Arizona’s goals were heavily influenced by MacDonald, it is possible a different outcome would has arisen by fewer mistakes from the Flyers defenseman.


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Arizona Coyotes

NFL Season Week 8 Pick ‘Em



2016 NFL Season Week 8 Pick ‘Em

Man did that Sunday Night Football game suck. Two back-to-back sub-30 yard field goals shanked to high hell and the game ends up ending in a 6-6 tie. Maybe it’s crappy prime time games causing the NFL’s low ratings.

I hate ties. The phrase “kissing your sister” comes to mind. I would love to see the owners have a serious discussion about abolishing ties in the offseason. Personally I think ties are an affront to the spirit of competition upon sports are based.

But anyway, this is about the week 8 picks. I am planning on putting out a mid-season award article later this week, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans

Speaking of riveting prime time games. I doubt this snooze fest between two bad teams will be a ratings juggernaut. But I will say this, with each passing week Marcus Mariota seems to gets sharper and more confident. Plus, with that run game to support him, Mariota is not facing as much pressure giving him vital time to scan the field and find the open man.

Conversely, Blake Bortles is seemingly trying to play himself out of Jacksonville. Bortles has been wildly erratic and his reported extra sessions with Allen Robinson seem to have been for naught. Nothing about the Jaguars evokes confidence right now.

That is why I think the Titans will pull this one up.

Washington Redskins @ Cincinnati Bengals

Both of these have been having a rough go this season. Injuries to key players and running games that have had minimal impact. Unfortunately for the Redskins Jordan Reed is still battling concussion symptoms and is questionable for this weeks game. On the flip side the Bengals are rejoicing the return of Tyler Eiffert and while his debut this past week was nothing to write home about, Eiffert brings another major red zone threat for the Bengals to utilize.

I like the Bengals at home with the return of Eiffert and the emergence of Jeremy Hill in the run game.

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills

The Bills had a bad loss to a miserable Dolphins team this past week. And while the Dolphins have played better, giving up 200+ yards rushing is never a good thing. While the Bills did previously beat the Patriots in Foxboro earlier this season, that came against quarterback Jacoby Brissett…not Tom Brady.

Let’s face it, as long as Tom Brady is in the game, the Patriots will always be favored. Patriots win.

New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns

If only there was a way for both of these teams to lose, because neither deserves to win.

I am going with the Jets. I know that Ryan Fitzpatrick leads the league in interceptions and was recently benched for Geno Smith, but I still think he is better than the beer vendor that will be starting for the Browns next week.

Jets win.

Detroit Lions @ Houston Texans

Right now Matthew Stafford is quite possibly the mid-season MVP (see my article to come this week). He is playing with such passion and precision that he is single-handedly carrying the Lions to a potential playoff bid.

But when you watch the Texans, you see a bunch of high-priced talents failing to get the job done. Brock Osweiler is one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the league, Lamar Miller is putting up good stats but having no real impact, and J.J. Watt is injured for the foreseeable future. In a very (and embarrassingly) weak division, the Texans are having trouble keeping pace.

Quite frankly, despite the Texans being at home and having an overall more talented team, I believe they will lose to a Detroit team that just has more heart and a quarterback that will do whatever it takes to win.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts

The Colts suck. The fact that they have any wins says more about the quality of the coaching and talent they have played rather than their own ability. The Colts have one of the worst offensive lines and one of the worst defensive lines in football. They have picked up a win here and there, but that is due strictly to the other teams’ incompetence.

The Chiefs are a talented team with a veteran coach who is very accomplished and will be able to take advantage of Indianapolis’ glaring weaknesses.

Chiefs win.

Seattle Seahawks @ New Orleans Saints

Russell Wilson must have that Wolverine X-Factor healing power, because ever since injuring his ankle in week 1, he has continued to come out and get the job done. And the side effect of that amazing ability is that the Seahawks have been able to continue to put up points consistently against some quality opponents (Arizona Cardinals excluded).

The real issue is defense. The Seahawks can play it, the Saints cannot. The Saints will score 21+ against the Seahawks, especially in New Orleans. But can they stop Seattle from scoring? That is the question.

So far Seattle has scored just enough to win. ‘Just enough’ won’t be enough against the Saints in New Orleans. I like the Saints for the big upset in this game.

Oakland Raiders @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I do not know what to think about the Bucs, because I do not think the Bucs’ head coach, Dirk Koetter, knows what the hell he is doing. Tampa seemingly keeps making the same mistakes over and over again and their failure to adapt or improve in any significant fashion is a direct reflection on the coaching.

The Raiders cannot play defense. In fact, their inability to stop anyone has been overshadowed by the historic futility displayed by the Saints, but make no mistake, the Raiders only win because they have been able to out score their opponents.

Come Sunday, the Raiders will out score them again. I like the Raiders on the road.

Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers

Talk about two teams that have struggled mightily. I really do not know what to make of either team. The Panthers’ offensive line has lost all confidence and as a result Cam Newton has been incapable of performing to his MVP level.

As for the Cardinals, Carsen Palmer has one of the worst touchdown to interception ratios in the league and despite having some of the best offensive talent surrounding him, has not been able to get the Cardinal offense running smoothly.

Between the two struggling teams I will take the Cardinals. Their offense is slightly more effective, their defense is better, and the x-factor in the equation is David Johnson, who has emerged as one of the best running backs in the NFL.

Cardinals win.

San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos

I do not know how the Chargers won the last game between these two teams, but in Denver they have a snowball’s chance in hell of repeating that accomplishment. Joey Bosa has added a much-needed and very impactful dynamic to their defense and Melvin Gordon is a goal line monster, but at the end of the day the Chargers still are not that good.

The Broncos are not as good as they were last year, especially with the recent injury to Trevor Siamien, but they still have a dominant defense that will be looking for revenge.

The Broncos are going to win this matchup because they just better than the Chargers.

Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons

These may be the two most frustrating teams in the NFL. The Falcons are the highest scoring offense in football and yet are only 4-3. The Packers are statistically having one of their worst years (minus run defense) in the past 10 years and yet they are 4-2. Both teams have so many holes and yet so many weapons that on a week-to-week basis they are amongst the hardest to predict.

Here is what this matchup comes down to: the Falcons have one of the best pass offenses in the NFl; the Packers’ pass defense is very mediocre. At the end of the day I cannot imagine Green Bay slowing down Julio Jones.

Falcons win in Atlanta.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys

This is a big game. Thank God we finally have a prime time game that should not only be good, but will thankfully be without Joe Buck’s voice attached to it.

The winner of this game not only picks up a win against a division opponent, but they also take the lead of the NFC East. Two rookie quarterbacks face off in a battle for division supremacy. This should be a great game.

I like the Cowboys because a certain someone by the name of Ezekiel Elliott. During the preseason I predicted Elliott to win rookie of the year and contend for MVP and he has yet to disappoint. Elliott will be the difference in this game with his running and his blocking; and that is why I think the Cowboys will take a commanding lead in the NFC East.

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears

Hey look…another shitty prime time game. I live in the suburbs of Chicago. I lived within 30 minutes of the Loop all my life and have grown up with the Bears practically playing in my backyard; so believe me when I tell you that this team is terrible.

And when I say that, I am not only referring to the players. There is a lot of specialized talent on the Bears that is being completely misused. For instance, Bobby Massie and Kyle Long are perhaps the best run-blocking right side in all of football and yet the Bears pass significantly more than they run and often run to the left side. Just one of many examples of why this team has failed to compete.

The Vikings are short on talent. In fact, at this point in the season, they may actually have less overall talent than the Bears. But the major difference is coaching and heart. Every player on the Vikings team expects to win. Not so with the Bears. The coaches of the Vikings put their players in the best position to execute their abilities and strengths. Not so with the Bears.

Most importantly, the Vikings have a quarterback who will minimize mistakes and make a few plays to aid his team on the way to victory. Not so with the Bears.

The Vikings win because they are not an embarrassment to their city.

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Arizona Coyotes

The Philadelphia Flyers vs The Arizona Coyotes: It’s Not That Bad Of A Loss 10-15-2016



Philadelphia Flyers by Norm Hall via NHLI/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Flyers versus The Arizona Coyotes: It Could Have Been Much Worse- Game Summary and Performance Comparison Analysis

Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Norm Hall  via NHLI/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Flyers played the Arizona Coyotes on October 15th, the second part of their back to back on their season debut road trip as well as the first game and home opener for the Coyotes.  After winning their first season opener in five years, the Flyers were pressed for rest after their jet lagged debut.  Though they were on a road trip with varying time zones and a tough schedule, the Flyers did not seem like the efforts the night before had any negative effects.  The first period demonstrated this efficiently; in some aspects, there were some improvements with even greater potential.  In others, they brought some bad habits from previous years with them to Glendale.

Flyers Coach Dave Hakstol agrees; “We’re doing a lot of good things, our effort level was outstanding. Back-to-back nights it’s the effort you want.  Mentally, we can do better. And be a little sharper on. Those are things we’ll try to improve … we left one point on the table, so we can do better.”

Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Norm Hall NHLI/Getty Images

Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Norm Hall NHLI/Getty Images

The Improvements

Philadelphia came out with exponentially more (I am saying exponent 3 +2% more, but the numbers are open to debate) fire Saturday than they did in Los Angeles on Friday.   Early in the first period, the Coyotes were the dominating with hits, shots and face offs.  Being on the power play was aiding Arizona in this.  Fortunately, the Flyers took their place in the game around five minutes in when Shayne Gostisbehere opened the seal by taking the teams first shot on goal. However, this time is fractional to the length of time needed for complete that task the night before (13:08, *sigh).  Face off wins, hits and more shots on goal followed.  By the end of the first, their efforts more closely matched their opponents than the previous night.

Observe; A Comparison of The Los Angeles Game’s 1st Period to The Coyotes:

Shots On Goal 10-14-2016:

The Philadelphia Flyers- 7

The Los Angeles Kings –   15


Shots On Goal 10-15-2016:  The Flyers made 43.49% of the shots on goal for the first period.

The Philadelphia Flyers- 10

The Arizona Coyotes- 13


The Flyers made less than 32% of the shots on goal for the first period against the Kings, where as they made 43.49% of those shots against the Coyotes, over an 11% increase!  Only 11% you say?  Five minutes before shooting on goal you say?  There were some mitigating circumstances that effected their progress; their bad habits that look very familiar.

The Familiar and Unfortunate Habits

Philadelphia brought out too many men on the ice penalties out like a thread bare security blanket with a speed that race cars would envy.  They incurred their first of such penalties just 35 seconds into the game, putting the Coyotes on the power play.  The Flyers committing the same penalty just 2:17 minutes later implies this not a lesson learned.  Consequently, they were only playing at even strength for 17 seconds before becoming short handed again.  Out of the first five minutes of the game, they were lacking a man for four minutes of it.  The Philadelphia Flyers had mitigating circumstances as to why it took until 5:08 into the first period before getting their first shot on goal; they were killing penalties.

While the penalty kill was successful, it did limit their ability to dominate the Coyotes. It inhibited their show everything they were  improving on, sort of.  While they are not showing much improvement in the way of numbers for the first five minutes, improvement is showing in that they are holding their own short handed.  It is easy to imagine more shots, face off wins and hits in those minutes IF they were at full strength.  It is also easily annoying that these penalties are dampening this magical experience season after season.  Think of the Philadelphia Flyers like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; they don’t teach handwriting, math or counting skills.  But they do teach magic and that is what is really important as long you don’t try to balance a checkbook.

Thereafter, play continued as normal until 8:45 into the period when a high stick from Nick Cousins gave the Coyotes a power play.  This lead to Shane Doan scoring the games first goal at 8:49.  Dave Hakstol’s challenge to the play was unsuccessful.  The Flyers were able to make their own tally to the score board at 12:31, a gift from Michael Raffl, assisted by Nick Schultz and Brandon Manning.  Unfortunately, the tie would not last long with Martin Hanzal scoring at 14:17.

Philadelphia Flyers by Christian Petersen via Getty Images

Photo by Chirstian Petersen via Getty Images

Boyd Gordon was also close to tying the game, but it called as no goal.  Flyers coach Dave Hakstol challenged the play to no avail.

Consequently, a disappointed Dave Hakstol said “It was called ‘no goal’ on the ice and has to be conclusive to flip it over, I looked at it on the bench. … There was no visual evidence to overturn.”

The game evener that would have been Boyd Gordon also commented on the call; “One of those plays you feel like it went in, but he did a good job making it look like it didn’t go across the line, It seemed like it did.”

The first period ended with a score of 2-1, with the Arizona Coyotes in the lead.

17 seconds into the second period, the Coyotes took advantage of a turn over, resulting in a goal by Brad Richardson.  That quickly.  The Philadelphia Flyers responded with an impressive push, cultivating in a goal 6:16 in by Wayne Simmonds, assisted by Claude Giroux.  The period was lacking other fascinating events, with the Flyers getting in 11 shots on goal over the Coyotes 7.  The second ended with the Philadelphia Flyers down 2-3.

Philadelphia Flyers Christian Petersen via Getty

Philadelphia Flyers Celebration by Christian Petersen via Getty

The pressure put on by the Flyers in the third period in the Coyotes game was dramatically different than the Kings game.  The Flyers were dominating the Kings in shots (16-8) and competing in hits (8-9), resulting in a win.  Lamentably, they were offering no such resistance to the Coyotes with 4 shots on goal versus 13 OR hits (6 versus 10).  At the same time, this does not detract from the potency of those shots.  Matt Read, assisted by Travis Konecny and Brandon Manning tied the game at 3-3 4:36 into the period.  Unfortunately, they would not be scoring any other goals, sending them to their first over time of the season.

Additionally, Flyers new comer Boyd Gordon shared his take on Saturday’s game; “They got a young, fast team and they want to get pucks deep and back us off, I think we weathered the storm. Their first game, they had a lot of energy.”

The Philadelphia Flyers made a valiant come back and attempt at a second win and sprinkle on another home opener with 5 shots on goal.  Sadly, they were unable to secure sweet victory for themselves nor morale dilapidation for their opponents.  Oliver Ekman-Larson  scored the game winning goal with the final score of 4-3.  The Flyers received a point for going to overtime.  In addition, it is  important to take into consideration that this early in the season, the Flyers are usually struggling.  Three out of four points is decent and percentage wise would be a passing grade in high school.

“We scratched and clawed our way out of a hole. It’s just disappointing not to finish it. We said coming in that every point is so valuable. We’re not happy we didn’t finish it,” reflected Philadelphia coach Dave Hakstol.

But wait!  The story doesn’t end there! It ends with red headed cynosure and Flyer Jakub Voracek disputing a non call of a stick grabbing penalty and receiving 22 minutes of called penalties.  These are for unsportsmanlike conduct, misconduct and game misconduct.

Steve Mason made 31 saves during his inaugural season appearance.

For the sympathy point, Captain Claude Giroux gets a sympathy cheese spread on toast, but only winners get a grilled cheese sandwich of victory.

When next you see the Philadelphia Flyers, it will be Tuesday night at 8:30 p.m. E.T. and they will be playing the Chicago Blackhawks.

See game highlights below.


Video from SportVideos! on

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