NFL: 5 Overreactions Through Week Two

When it comes to the NFL and our 24/7 news cycle the amount of hot takes that hit Al

When it comes to the NFL and our 24/7 news cycle the amount of hot takes that hit Al Gore’s internet are just so amazingly robust  that it gets to a point where you just have to have some fun with it. It’s the NFL’s fault because they make us wait week to week for the next set of games. Sports talk airwaves and TV programming need content so it is the nature of the beast. Maybe the NFL should go to a 82 game schedule like the NBA so our appetite for football can be satisfied.

I’m kidding of course.

So through two weeks we thought it would be fun to look at some of the story lines that will probably be a distant memory by week 17.

The Kansas City Chiefs are ‘the greatest show on turf’ 2.0

Now don’t get me wrong the Chiefs have jumped out the gate running with two very impressive wins. If stats count for anything they have the number two overall offense in the league second to the Patriots, and we all saw what they did with the Patriots. I’m not saying that this team isn’t legit because I believe they are. However, let us take a collective breath and remind ourselves this is only week 2. Whooo sah.

Eli Manning needs to retire like his brother Peyton.

If you have viewed the Giants playing the game of football this year it has been a depressing thing to see. It looked so bad on Monday night at one point I thought Eli was point shaving. However, like all these story lines the constant is that it is really early in the season. Has Eli looked bad and at times uninterested? .. Yes. The thing with Eli though is that he has looked like that even when the Giants won their Super Bowls. Let’s not be so quick to wheel Eli in a retirement home just yet. However, if we are having this conversation in week 5 and 6. Houston we might have a problem.

Seahawks legion of boom has become the legion of gloom.

There have been rumblings that the vaunted Seattle defense has lost a step. Through two games they are ranked 15th overall and that definitely isn’t up to the LOB standards. The defense has taken a step back and the offense is still trying to catch their rhythm. However I am going to give you two words why you should not worry about the Seattle Seahawks. … Russell Wilson … Trust the process.

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Trevor Siemian is ready for his big payday.

Disclaimer: Trevor Siemian has played really well these first two weeks. However, I saw him on Sportscenter and Scott Van Pelt mentioned something about him deserving a payday. Come on SVP.. Lets reeeeeeeeeeeeeelax. Let’s wait and let him put a full season together as a top 10 QB before we back up the brinks truck. We like the kid, he’s humble and has been making plays and we hope that he gets his payday. Just not after two weeks.

Kareem Hunt for MVP.

Full disclosure this may not be much of an overreaction. Through 2 weeks Hunt leads the league in rushing and if there is one thing Andy Reid knows how to do is use a running back. Example: Brian Westbrook, LeSean McCoy and Jamaal Charles.

I think Hunt has the ability to put up big numbers this year and there is no doubt he belongs in this league. Running back is such a fragile position so we really just want him to stay healthy so we can see him make plays all season long. (Also some of us need him to deliver a fantasy football championship.) Hunt has the goods and is surround by a team of burners. Lets let him get pass the rookie wall before we crown him king.

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