Betting Tips For the 2017/2018 English Premier League Season

The premiere league this season has had some ups and downs, with teams like Arsenal, Everton and Liverpool not really living up to expectations. At the beginning of the season, it was expected that Chelsea will either be dethroned by Manchester City, Manchester United or Tottenham Hotspur. But has the odds seemed to changed a bit yet?

With some top transfers like Chelsea’s purchase of Morata, and Manchester City’s high spending on Gabriel Jesus, bookmarkers aren’t even sure of what to expect yet. But here are some betting tips to guide you through the season – if you want to win big.

The Possible Winners

Manchester City spent a whopping £200 million on transfers this season. This boosted
their chances of taking the title from Chelsea.

With players like Kyle Walker fortifying the defense line and Gabriel Jesus in the attack, the odds for City to win has changed from what was projected at the start of the season.

Odds at the beginning of the season vs Current odds:

Manchester United – 3.3/1 vs 2/1
Manchester City – 1.5/1 vs 1.5/1
Chelsea – 4/1 vs 3.2/1

Tottenham – 6/1 vs 2.3/1
Arsenal – 10/1 vs 8/1
Leicester – 250/1 vs 200/1
Liverpool – 10/1 vs 8/1

This actually goes to show that there aren’t much changes in what is expected from the likes of City, United and Tottenham. Chelsea on the other hand haven’t done enough to show they are eager to compete for the title race.

Adding Morata, Batshuayi and Bakayoko seems like they just pulled up substitutes from the bench, while Tottenham which didn’t sign on any player this season appear to be
in a better form.

Everton – former top 6 contenders for the EPL trophy – are unlikely to make any headway, regardless of their much celebrated “return” of Wayne Rooney. With the top 4 looking like a contest between the two Manchester sides, the blues, the reds and Tottenham, there are little or no possibilities of Everton, Arsenal or even former winners – Leicester FC – breaking into it.

The Likely Losers (Relegation)

Three teams were promoted to the premiere league this season – Newcastle, Brighton and Huddersfield.

At the start of the season, bookmarkers actually expected Huddersfield to be bottom feeders within the first 6 weeks, but hasn’t been the case. This is probably because they are "tasting the “fresh air” of the EPL for the first time in their history.

Watford, Brighton and Burnley were also expected to slip at the end of the 2017/2018 season.

The odds projected at the start of the season vs current odds:

Huddersfield – 1/1 vs 3/1
Burnley – 1.1/1 vs 3.8/1
Brighton – 1.12/1 vs 1.5/1
Watford – 2/1 vs 1.89/1
Swansea – 2.2/1 vs 2/1
Newcastle – 4/1 vs 4/1
Crystal Palace – 5/1 vs 2/1
West Bromwich Albion – 6/1 vs 4/1
Stoke – 6.5/1 vs 3/1
Bournemouth – 7/1 vs 6/1

From the way the current table looks, Crystal Palace are at the bottom 3 while Huddersfield and Brighton are actually making fans proud so far. Huddersfield 2 – 1 defeat of Manchester United actually came as a stunner. While Burnley has continued to pose a threat to bigger teams.

Golden Boot

Harry Kane had won the award for two seasons in a row. Is this going to be his third? Not likely. At the beginning of the season, football pundits touted the Tottenham Hotspur forward to win the Golden Boot award but with Aguero, Lukaku and Morata always putting their names on the score sheet, this might not really happen.

Gabriel Jesus, Jamie Vardy and Alexander Lacazzete were also predicted to win the award. But currently the contention seems to be between Lukaku and Aguero.

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