Browns Fans Hold Parade For 0-16 Season

Call it weird. Call it self deprecation. Call it a case of making the best out of a crummy situation. Fans of the Cleveland Browns are “celebrating” their 0-16 season.

A parade was held to mark the team’s 0-16 season.

“It was that kind of macabre-type humor that I think the Browns fans have,” Chris McNeil, the organizer of the Cleveland Browns’ 0-16 parade, said. “I think we have every right to have after this organization has given us nothing now for how many years.”

“We care. Everyone thinks that the people down here are not true fans. It’s actually the opposite,” said 32-year-old Tony Timoteo, the creator of the graveyard. “Everyone says that if you want to protest, stop going to the games, cancel your season tickets. No, we want the team to win. We had to find another media outlet, and Chris McNeil, who is a genius organizer, he came up with another media outlet to show our frustration.

“We’re not going to cancel season tickets, and we’re going to go to the games because we want them to win. That is point blank.”

“We have nothing to celebrate,” Timoteo said. “We were willing to celebrate one win. My wife and I, we were in our living room with our kids dressed in Browns gear willing to celebrate one win.

“And yeah, we might have been a catch away, that wasn’t guaranteed. But that’s all we wanted.”