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Millennials Manage Golf, But Pat Perez Is Going to Be Exclusion



It seems like even if the famous actor and rapper Ludacris knew the identity of
Pat Perez, he certainly did not act as if he did.

When Pat Perez ventured backstage with his wife, Ashley, the rapper posed with Mrs. Perez and snubbed him, according to Perez’s account of the interaction.

And don’t think that Mr. Perez does not have the evidence to substantiate his
claim. He has a photograph on his smartphone, clearly showing Ludacris standing next to his wife as Mr. Perez posed rather awkwardly for the cameras.

However, Pat Perez did not care about getting ignored by the Grammy winner. Slights are the stimulation that initially drove Perez’s notable PGA Tour career. The golfer has managed to keep his coveted tour card for sixteen consecutive seasons.

It is a good streak of consistent success that Perez was not sure he could extend after undergoing a season-ending surgery due to a torn labrum in the left shoulder. While Mr. Perez was recuperating, he stated that his equipment company told him they did not have sufficient money to fund him for the next season.

While he was preparing for a return in January, Perez sent letters to various tournament directors requesting sponsors’ exemptions if he did not earn sufficient money on the medical extension required to keep the tour membership intact.

Perez admitted that injuries could be scary. However, he slowly began to feel much better, and due to his comeback, he got a significant boost as he was called by Todd Rhinehart, the tournament director, who decided to offer him a much-needed exemption in the October’s CIMB Classic.

According to Rhinehart, the decision was pretty easy as Perez had offered his unwavering
support for the CIMB Classic for several years. The director also said that he was very happy for him as Perez had a great year and bounced back after injury, surprising many people.

Perez has been an exception to the millennials rule narrative in the current season. This is because 3 of the four winners (Jordan Spieth, Brooks Koepka and Justin Thomas) are 27 years or less, while nine players are 26 years or less.

However, keep in mind that Perez was about the same age as Jimmy Michener when the distinguished golfer published his first book. He went on to post more than forty books, hoping his story would resonate with and serves as an excellent inspiration for late bloomers all over the globe.

Back into the Sports

What sets Perez apart from others is the fact that when he was idle because of his injury, he decided to watch loads of tournament golf on the TV. This activity urged him to take a less punitive and more prudent style of course management.

As a result, Perez returned from the shoulder injury wiser; he was also less angry. Rather than dwelling too much on the slights, the golfer focused on the positives in his life such as his wife, Rhinehart’s exemption, and his globe-trotting life.

Nowadays, a majority of students have a passion for sports like Pat Perez; however, they have little free time to pursue their hobbies. Some students want to fast track things and can be tempted to buy term papers online, but the majority want to work hard and have their hard work pay off, so they manage time between school and golf and , often times, success follows.

Hard work pays off and so does passion, much like the passion Pat Perez has for golf.

Anthony DiMoro is the creator of Sports Rants and the CEO of Elite Rank Media. He is a former Contributor for Forbes and the Huffington Post where he covered sports, social media, and SEO. Anthony formerly hosted the 'Forbes SportsMoney Podcast'.