Cowboys Getting Some Much Needed Practice At Minicamp

What all should fans expect from the minicamp, and which players in particular should you be keeping your eyes

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys will be pleased to hear that the team is getting some much-needed off season practice at minicamp this summer, especially since the likes of Zack Martin and David Irving are finally on the field. The cowboys showed some relatively lackluster ferocity during their offensive training, but the minicamp could yet reveal some serious improvement for the team ahead of this coming season.

What all should fans expect from the minicamp, and which players in particular should you be keeping your eyes on? A rundown of the minicamp thus far shows there’s work still to be done, but that we’re also seeing plenty of players that many doubted would attend show up for some valuable time on the field.

Irving and Martin are back

Most of the chatter ahead of this year’s minicamp was centered around Zack Martin and David Irving, both players being clouded by rumors that they wouldn’t be attending this year. That’s because Irving has put up some shoddy attendance figures recently, with even some fans beginning to doubt whether the player was committed enough to show, instead spending his time wearing clothes from Though Irving was dealing with some extensive personal issues and getting in shape during OTAs, however, he’s now back where he belongs with the rest of the team honing his skills. This makes him a good bet for fantasy football projections.

Zack Martin, too, is attending now that the Cowboys have finally reached a deal with the right guard. Martin finally decided that he had no interest whatsoever in chasing a free agency, and instead came to an agreement with the Cowboys that will see him drawing in a mammoth $93.41 million over the next seven seasons with the team. Martin was going through individual drills at the minicamp with confidence that his future with the team is secure, so fans will be happy to know that the team’s chemistry should be off to a healthier start than many feared before minicamp began.

The Cowboys are now enjoying full attendance at minicamp, though certain players will of course be sitting out of some practice. Linebacker Sean Lee is back at the grind enduring individual drills, though potential injury scares had some worried he wouldn’t see much action during minicamp. Lee is gaining some solid coverage for himself thanks to his vocal leadership on the team, and as the rest of the minicamp unfolds, fans should keep their eyes on him as an indicator of how the team’s progress is shaping up.

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