Belgian Cyclist Bjorg Lambrecht Dies a 22

Bjorg Lambrecht

Belgian pro cyclist Bjorg Lambrecht died on Monday at the age of 22 due to the injuries he suffered from a crash during a race in Poland, his team officially confirmed.

Lambrecht was competing the third stage of the Tour de Pologne when he was involved in a brutal crash into a concrete structure, reportedly striking his head during the collision and causing him to go unconscious.

Lambrecht was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors performed emergency surgery, but Lambrecht died during the operation.

It is unclear what caused the crash that killed Lambrecht, who was a rising star in the sport of cycling.

Lambrecht’s teams issued a statement on Monday, saying; “The biggest tragedy possible that could happen to the family, friends and teammates of Bjorg has happened… Rest in peace Bjorg” (h/t TMZ Sports).