NFLPA Contacts NFL Security After Beer Thrown at Titans’ Logan Ryan

Logan Ryan
USA Today SPorts

The NFL Players Association has contacted NFL security regarding the incident that occurred at FirstEnergy Stadium on Sunday when a fan allegedly sprayed beer at Tennessee Titans cornerback Logan Ryan.

The fan, who was wearing a jersey of Cleveland Cavalier’s quarterback Baker Mayfield, sprayed Ryan with beer as the Titans were celebrating a pick-six, made by Malcolm Butler, at the wall behind the end zone during the Titans’ convincing 43-13 victory over the Browns in Week 1.

Logan spoke about the incident on Monday during an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“In this day and age, it’s ridiculous” Ryan said.

“I understand that we play football. I understand that we’re modern day gladiators. I understand that fans feel like they can yell, and say, and degrade, whatever, but you know, we’re human beings.

“And I think in society nowadays that’s, with everything going on, and everybody deserving their rights, I think as a player to hop up over the rail and to have beer splashed in your face and you’re not allowed to respond. Fans are allowed to throw beer in our face and yell whatever they want to yell at us and there’s no penalty?”