Raidel ‘Joke’ Brito Wins Madden Bowl Title with Run-Only Offense

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Making the headlines in all of esports news is the crowning of a new Madden Bowl championship winner, Raidel “Joke” Brito, who is considered one of the best esports players in competitive play, as he collected yet another title on Saturday night by winning the 2020 Madden Bowl, according to ESPN’s Arda Ocal.

Brito, 26, made news not only for his 17-0 shutout victory over Daniel “Dcroft” Mycrof, but the fact that he employed a run-only offense, to accompany a rather stout defense.

Brito did not run a single pass play throughout the game, or the entire tournament, and did not field a true quarterback, instead putting Washington Redskins’ punter Tress Way under center as his team’s signal caller.

“We had three major events during the season that led to this tournament,” Madden competitor and commentator Tyler “TDAVIS” Davis said, per the report. “Joke finished fifth, third and third in those tournaments en route to winning the final tournament of the year. He was the best player by far in Madden 20. Going into this, he was arguably in the top 10 of all-time greats, and now he has to be considered in the top 5 ever.”

“It’s pretty cool that Joke won,” Davis said. “Almost like it was destiny.”

Brito won $65,000 and got to take home the Madden championship belt, which is made of 24-karat gold plate with over 700 Swarovski rhinestones, weighing 12 pounds.

As the esports industry continues to see a rise in the popularity of esports teams and a global expansion, there are still a number of solo tournaments, such as Madden Bowl, that focus on the single esports player.

Esports is also seeing a big boom in viewership on platforms such as Twitch, and continue to make Twitch news headlines for impressive viewership numbers.