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Titans Owner Amy Adams Strunk Supports Peaceful Protests



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Tennessee Titans owner Amy Adams says that she supports peaceful protests during a statement issued on Thursday, saying that she support NFL players who peacefully protest and choose to “use their platforms to advance us as a nation”, according to ESPN’s Turron Davenport.

“Hearing our players and coaches speak over the last two weeks has been constructive to this vital discussion,” Adams Strunk said in her statement. “I support our players using peaceful protests and their platforms to advance us as a nation. I would encourage those who haven’t thought about these issues before to understand the pain, anger and frustration of the black community. Black lives matter. We should all agree on that.”

The Titans organization seems unified in supporting the movement, and protests.

“What the pregame process looks like for the game, I don’t know. I don’t know what that looks like” Titans head coach Mike Vrabel said during an appearance on ESPN’s NFL Live.

“But I know we need to focus on what we can do now as we lead up to that to continue to promote change. And I will say that our players have been told and understand that we will have their support — they have our support as they work through making that change.”

“I think my views have definitely changed. I had to get past the fact that it wasn’t about the flag, it wasn’t about the anthem, it wasn’t about our country” Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill said.

“It was about the injustice and raising awareness and getting people’s attention. I think once I got past that fact, that I could really support it,” Tannehill added.


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