Allied Esports Discusses Evolving Esports Landscape, Streaming, Partnership with Trovo

allied esports

The landscape of the booming esports industry continued to evolve in 2020, amidst a year that has shifted so many industries and how many do business due to the pandemic, yet industries such as esports and streaming have experienced significant growth.

With that growth, the two sectors of the ever-growing gaming world are crossing paths and intersecting more and more, especially with a promising 2021 on the horizon, a year that projects continued success.

Along the way, esports teams such as Allied Esports have had to roll with the many challenges that arose from a roller coaster year, which changed everyone’s strategy, almost suddenly.

“Prior to the pandemic, Allied Esports’ primary focus was creating dynamic live experiences that leveraged the company’s iconic property network, including our flagship venue, HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas” Jud Hannigan, CEO, Allied Esports said in an exclusive interview with Sports Rants.

“Like most of the esports world, in 2020 we pivoted and shifted our strategy to execute online tournaments and remote productions. The lockdowns in 2020 led to remarkable increases in viewership and participation in online events across the industry, and Allied Esports was no different, seeing some of our weekly programming jump over 1,000% in average viewership by comparison to pre-pandemic levels. 

“As we march toward 2021, we see the increased viewership and participation holding strong and opening the doors to additional content opportunities. With the expected global recovery of live events, we are excited to inject the positive growth we achieved this year with online events and content to a normalized world with no restrictions on live experiences.”

For Allied Esports, and many other esports organizations, opportunities have popped up to work more closely with content creators on YouTube, twitch streamers, and streaming platforms, such as Trovo, who has partnered with Allied for a series of tournaments part of the Trovo Holiday Royale.

“We are thrilled to be working so closely with Trovo on leveraging esports to continue to attract users to their growing community” Hannigan said about the partnership with Trovo.

“In a world where streamers are using content to build their own communities, participation in esports events like the Trovo Holiday Royale gives streamers an opportunity to engage their fans with unique and exciting content that differs from their day-to-day offering. On the flip side, for esports, working with streamers brings additional attention for the event and creates lasting engagement across individual streamer communities and delivers excitement throughout the platform.”

While other streaming platforms such as Twitch and Facebook Gaming garner the majority of the coverage, other platforms such as Trovo are not only making headways into the realm of esports, but also providing a solid alternative for streamers to broadcast their content.

“In a short amount of time since its launch, Trovo has moved the needle and become a destination for aspiring content creators and their communities” Hannigan said of Trovo.

“Having an opportunity to work together on creating an end-of-year offering that both celebrated the existing Trovo community and welcomed new streamers and audiences to the platform has been an incredible experience for Allied Esports.

The overarching level of support and positivity that we’ve witnessed for streamers on the Trovo platform has been prominent behind the curtain as well, and we would welcome the opportunity to collaborate further with the team at Trovo in the future.”

It’s that focus on community that not only appealed to Allied, but also echoed their own mission.

“What makes Allied Esports unique is our one-of-a-kind infrastructure that allows us to engage audiences with eye-popping experiences and jump at partner opportunities with the ability to rapidly execute” Hannigan explained.

“We demonstrated it this year, with a number of new partners, under unexpected and difficult conditions. When you combine our facility and production assets with our core team of seasoned executives, we believe we have the recipe for long-term success in an industry that is positioned for continued growth.”


Today marks the Closed Qualifiers for Call of Duty Mobile  tournament and December 30th  is the Finals of the Allied Esports/Trovo event. Both are live at 3pm ET on