Cowboys’ Dak Prescott Expected to Be Full Go For Camp Next Month

Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is expected to be a full participant every day when the Cowboys officially kick off training camp next month, according to Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy.

Prescott is returning from a dislocated and compound fracture of his right ankle suffered last October during a game against the New York Giants.

“He hasn’t missed anything that’s been slated. He’s doing a lot of extra frankly so the anticipation would be for him to go every day is the outlook,” McCarthy said, according to ESPN’s Todd Archer. “We’re not naïve. It’s just like any player that comes back from injury, especially a major joint injury, The first year back there’s going to be some things you have to work through, but I would anticipate we’d start with him in full mode, get him into the team periods and get back to playing football.”

Prescott inked a four-year, $160 million contract that included a record $66 million signing bonus with the team during the offseason, after a lengthy contract negotiation standoff that was further complicated by his injury.

“He’s definitely had some moments from workouts, probably 3-4 weeks back, where I definitely felt once we were able to see him move in the pocket, out of the pocket-type drills, scramble drills,” McCarthy said. “We’re doing more of that work by design for a number of reasons and that only helps him …Physically I think he’s right where he needs to be.”