Devin Booker Talks Suns Advancing to Western Conference Finals

Devin Booker

The Phoenix Suns continue one of the most impressive turnarounds in recent years as they completed a four-game sweep of the Denver Nuggets on Sunday, and guard Devin Booker is relishing in the moment, which has been coming for a long time.

Booker has been with the Suns for his entire career, and up until this season, the Suns have been cellar-dwellers in the Western Conference. Following an impressive 8-0 run in the bubble back in October, the Suns traded for All-Star guard Chris Paul and made a few other moves to make a push this season.

The results have been the Suns first trip to the Western Conference Finals in more than a decade.

“I feel really good” Booker said during his post game interview with NBA on TNT. “I’ve been waiting for this for a really long time. A lot of people have been saying I haven’t played meaningful basketball and I’m not ready for that. It’s my time to prove it. The whole team’s having fun with it.”

Booker heaped praise and credit on the impact Paul has had on the team this season, stating just how important Paul has been to the team’s success this year.

“You can ask anybody on this team how has Chris developed your game and everybody’s going to have a lengthy answer because he cares.”