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Predicting the NFL Playoff Spots



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With two weeks left the NFL regular season, the playoffs spots are up for grabs. Not a single seed is set in stone and over half of the playoff spots still have to be clinched. Here are my predictions for how the playoff seedings will look when it’s all over.

  • AFC:
  1. Kansas City Chiefs: After starting the season 3-4, the Chiefs have gone on an eight-game winning streak to put them in a position to clinch the number one seed. They finish the season on the road against the Bengals and Broncos. While winning on the road is tough, the Chiefs show no signs of slowing down and should finish with the first-round bye in the AFC.
  2. Tennessee Titans: The Titans looked like they were going to have problems when Derrick Henry went down with a foot injury. However, the Titans are one victory away from winning the division. They have the Dolphins and Texans remaining and should be favored in both games. Expect Tennessee to have two guaranteed home games in the playoffs.
  3. Buffalo Bills: Buffalo winning against New England put them in first place of the AFC East and play the Falcons and Jets at home in their final two games. If the Bills win both of those games, they win the division. Teams have played spoiler in the past during this time of the year, however, I like their chances to pull it off.
  4. Cincinnati Bengals: No one expected Cincinnati to be in first place of the AFC North at the end of the year. However, the Joe Burrow-led Bengals are one win away from capturing the division crown. Their final two games are at home against Kansas City and on the road against Cleveland. Beating the Chiefs will be hard, and the Browns beat the Bengals earlier in Cincinnati. Except the Bengals to pay Cleveland back for that game from earlier in the season.
  5. New England Patriots: After losing two in a row, the Patriots were knocked out of the division lead. However, their final two games are at home against Jacksonville and a road match-up against Miami. Miami may have beaten New England earlier in the year, but that was back in week one. I’m picking the Patriots to win out to set up a wild card match-up against the Bengals.
  6. Indianapolis Colts: Losing Carson Wentz to the COVID list does hurt the Colts a little bit. However, even without him, the team should still have enough to win against the Jaguars in the final game of the season. They drop a spot because of a loss to the Raiders but still make the playoffs.
  7. Los Angeles Chargers: Four teams are battling for the last wild card spot. The Dolphins have tough match-ups against the Titans and Patriots. The Ravens, meanwhile, have lost four in a row and have the Steelers and Rams left. The winner of Chargers-Raiders is the team that most likely goes to the playoffs. It will be a hard-fought game, but the Chargers come away with the victory.
  • NFC:
  1. Green Bay Packers: The Packers are looking for more than just the number one seed and a first-round bye. The team is looking to finish the season with a Super Bowl run. In what could be Aaron Rodgers last year with the team, they have an opportunity to finish that quest.
  2. Los Angeles Rams: The fight for the number two seed has a three-way tie right now. I’m picking the Rams to get the two guaranteed home games with wins over the Ravens and 49ers to end the season. Matthew Stafford will have a chance to make a playoff run for the first time in his career.
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tampa Bay already clinched the NFC South. They have favorable match-ups against the Jets and Panthers. While they don’t get the help for the number two seed, they still have a home playoff game in the wild card round.
  4. Dallas Cowboys: Dallas has already clinched the NFC East and has their final two games against the Cardinals and Eagles. I’m picking them to lose one of those games and drop to the fourth seed. They will have a home playoff game no matter what, but whether or not they get another depends on their performance in the final two games
  5. Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals are going to the playoffs but have some questions entering the postseason. The team has lost three in a row and the division lead. They finish up against the Cowboys and Seahawks. Arizona cannot afford to enter the playoffs on a five-game losing streak.
  6. San Francisco 49ers: Five teams are fighting for two playoff spots. If the 49ers win out, they get the number six seed. Jimmy Garopollo’s thumb injury is an issue right now, and a week eighteen road match-up against the Rams is tough no matter what. However, I’m picking everyone to go 1-1 in the final two weeks, and the 49ers get in because of that.
  7. Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles get the final playoff spot with everyone going 1-1. After starting 2-5, the playoff spot would be well earned after all the fighting the team has done.

I started watching sports when I was 7 years old and saw my first football game. From that day on I have loved sports, especially football.