Kevin Durant Could Seek Trade If Kyrie Irving Departs

Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn Nets are facing one of the most crucial offseasons in franchise history, as the contract status of superstar point guard Kyrie Irving may weight heavily on another superstar on their team, Kevin Durant.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Nets are currently engaged in contract talks with Irving. However, if a deal cannot be reached and Irving ends up leaving Brooklyn, the Nets fear that it could lead to Durant requesting a trade.

Per the report: “For everything owner Joe Tsai and general manager Sean Marks did to assemble one of the modern NBA’s most talented Big 3s, Irving’s impenetrable connection to Durant looms as a domino to the dismantling of the roster. Brooklyn is straddling the narrowest of walkways: Keeping conviction on Irving’s contract talks and keeping Durant’s desire to stay a Net.”

It’s a tough situation for the Nets, as Irving’s behavior during his tenure with the team has put the team, and staff, in tough spots, and working out a new contract with Irving wouldn’t necessarily fix those issues, it may embolden them. But, if the risk of losing Durant as a result of a Irving departure could prove to be far more negative for the future of the Nets.

Woj continued: “There are teams rooting for Irving to opt-out and walk away from the Nets, believing it would give them a chance to cobble together trade packages to acquire Durant.”