Celtics’ Jaylen Brown Still Upset Over NBA Finals Loss to Warriors

jaylen brown

Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown is still hurting following the team’s devastating loss to the Golden State Warriors during the 2022 NBA Finals, and spoke about how the loss impacted him overt he summer during the Celtics media day.

“So like this summer, the shoes that I had, I wore to the last game of the season, I wore in every workout that I had this summer. Every training. Every lift. Every core session. If you see the shoes now, they’re damn near in shreds, just to remind myself,” Brown said, according to NBC Sports Boston.

“It wasn’t a great summer having to live with the awareness that you was in the Finals and you lost, you dropped the ball, even if it was against one of the greatest teams in NBA history or whatever,” Brown continued. “We were up 2-1 with a home game. […] You move on, you learn from it, it was our first time there but you still don’t forget.”

Brown also expressed his excitement to get the season rolling, which will have plenty of sports talk podcasts chattering.

“I can’t wait to get back this year just ’cause of how last year ended. A lot of things that we did well last year, a lot of things that I wish I did different, you know. So this offseason, this summer, I was pushing myself to be able to get back to this point, to be able to start the season again and now fast forward, we here.”