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So you’re interested in blogging on SportsRants and still have a few questions? No worries, we have you covered. Here are some of the most basic questions we get asked about having a blog on

You can also read this article that gives you reasons you should be blogging on


Why over other websites?

On some websites, you are asked to be a contributing blogger/writer to their brand. On we host sports blogs, meaning we allow you to develop your personal brand using our platform, tools and audience.
SportsRants is backed by Elite Rank Marketing, a top level SEO & Social Media company that helps our traffic and brand grow which grows the audience for your blog.

Do I own the content on my blog on SportsRants?

Yes. All content on your blog is yours. We only ask that you keep it 100% sports related. Should you leave SportsRants at any point in time you are responsible for moving your blog posts, removing content and if you choose to deleted your account, you are responsible for that as well.

I already have a blog, can I move it over to SportsRants?

Yes. We have tools on how to transfer your blog from Blogger, Blogspot and WordPress to your new blog on SportsRantz (click here)

Can I sell Advertising on my blog on SportsRants?

Yes. SportsRants also reserves the right to place ad space on your blog as well. We provide you all the tools to make your blog successful and profitable. If you take advantage of the educational articles on SR University and are consistent, you should be able to make your blog successful over time.

How often do I have to blog?

This is your sports blog so you are in charge of how often you blog. Keep in mind the more consistent you are, the more of a following you can potentially grow.

How can I get on SportsRants Radio?

SportsRants Radio is an extension of and is #1 rated for Sports Radio Shows by Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and more. Tons of exposure and a great audience on the station.
To come on as a guest for one of our shows simply use this Contact Form, tell us your available nights, link to your blog and topic you’d like to discuss.
We will try our best to schedule you for a 5-7 minute segment on one of our shows to talk sports and plug your blog on SportsRants.

I need help blogging, What do I do?

We have two in-depth sections of, one is our Blogging Tutorials & Help section which gives you help in all aspects of blogging. You can find it here
Our other section is SR University which will help you build your blog, audience and become a force in the blogging world. You can find it here