Sports Rantz Magazine was a brief section of (now that gave members of the Sports Rants community an opportunity to write for their official online publication.

Soon after, the website would evolve from a social networking community with individual fan blogs to a sports media content platform with numerous contributors.

This also shifted to the airwaves where Sports Rants Radio developed into a lineup of sports radio shows that provided even more content.



Anthony DiMoro
Editor SportsRantz Magazine

Anthony’s love and passion for writing started at a young age. In elementary school he was known for his short stories and creative storytelling ability. Anthony excelled in poetry classes, English classes and also is an accomplished lyricist. He has been recognized in his local community for his work in music with his hip-hop/rap song writing and performing. In 2008 he was voted Best Hip-Hop Artist by the Metroland in New York. He finished 2nd in 2009, 3rd in 2010 and 2nd again in 2011.

Anthony now enjoys writing opinionated blog posts on that give his perspective on the hot topics in sports regarding the NFL, NBA, MLB, Boxing and even Pro Wrestling. Anthony is also the co-host of The Rantin & Ravin Show on SportsRantz Radio. You can tune in and listen to him and Katy Mitchel every Tuesday night from 7pm to 9pm EST.


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Kristina Chambers
SportsRantz Magazine Senior Writer


Kristina is one of the most passionate and intelligent NASCAR and NHL Ranterz on board at SportsRantz Magazine. She has been actively blogging since April 2011 and her blog posts have provided sound information, intelligent perspective and is filled with the type of passion that makes her one of the leaders in our sports nation.


Kristina’s love for NASCAR and the NHL started at a young age. She grew up in a small town that thrived in the summer months due to have a dirt track where the Sprint cars, Late Models and Endro cars run every weekend. Port Royal Speedway is where Kristina got her start for the love in racing. Kristina’s first love will always be the NHL and that is all thanks to her family who are huge fans. Kristina’s love grew from there and in college, Kristina learned that she is a memory bank for NHL stats. Kristina shares these stats and more as the co-host of Slicks and Sticks on SportsRantz Radio. You can tune in and listen to her and Dougie Spatafore every Wednesday night from 8-10pm EST




James Tillman III
Sports Journalist Contributor

James is an avid sports fan who has been following all of the sports teams in the Chicago-land area since his early days in high-school. To this day, he still has newspaper clippings dating back to the Bulls championship teams of the 1990s along with the White Sox last title in 2005. In addition to that, James has also published a number of poems on

James finally put his passion for sports to use in December of 2008, when he began writing NFL playoff game recaps for Associated Content/Yahoo. While the process was slow going initially, James now has nearly 200 published sports articles on Yahoo Sports. James has also been an occasional sports contributor on other sites such as and





Jake Leonard
Sports Journalist Contributor

Jake is a contributing sports writer for SportsRantz Magazine and the host of Sports Insanity Radio. Jake is also the manager of WWPM MediaNet Radio. His love and passion for sports has led him to sharing his intelligent thoughts, incite and opinions with sports nation. Follow Jake for his takes on MLB, NFL and many other sports.






Lei Clark
Sports Journalist Contributor

My name is Lei Clark and I am a huge sports fan. I love baseball, football, basketball, golf, tennis, nascar, boxing and MMA. I have been a Yankees fan since I was 10 years old. Yogi Berra was the manager. I became completely mesmerized watching Rickey Henderson. He was a beast setting a new club record by stealing 80 bases in one season, scoring 146 runs,which is the most in the Major Leagues since Ted Williams scored 150 runs in 1949 and he became the first player since Lou Gehrig in 1936 to amass more runs in a season than games played. I was hooked on baseball forever.

I also love football almost as much as baseball. I have been following the Indianapolis Colts almost as long as the Yankees. I watched them play in the Hoosier Dome in 1990 when I was 14 years old. I am well aware of the controversy surrounding the Colts and how they left Baltimore in the middle of the night. Although the Colts beginning was less than desirable in the beginning, they became MY TEAM and I watched the team become a force to reckon with when in 1995, they finally advanced to the playoffs with a 9–7 record earning them the nickname “Cardiac Colts” thanks to their four come from behind victories and close games. Yes, it has been a roller coaster ride of wins, losses and injuries… THE COLTS are my team and always will be. I am also a Lakers fan,in addition I also follow tennis, Rafa Nadal, and golf, Phil Mickelson.

I am an admin in an NFL social group. Also, I enjoy writing blogs and stories on all sports.





Cameron Wallace
Sports Journalist Contributor
My name is Cameron Wallace and I’m a twenty-three year old woman who grew up in a suburb of Detroit. I have been writing since I was thirteen in various manors, and while I aspire to be an author of novels, I love to blog as well. I just can’t help but give my opinions, and blogging is a useful way to be heard, and to get my opinions out of my head. I’ve been told my opinions is a bit abrasive, however I will always be the first to admit when I’ve made a mistake, or apologize if I offend.
I started paying attention to sports in 2007, and only because it was what we got in our apartment. I lived in North Carolina at the time, about a twenty minute drive from the Panthers’ stadium, but it was the Green Bay Packers that impressed me enough to hook me. I’m a huge fan of American Football, Hockey and Soccer (Football to the rest of the world) my favorite teams being The Green Bay Packers, The Detroit Red Wings and Manchester United. I like various other teams as well, but those are my favorites.
On my down time, I love to read all sorts of books and poems, of course writing in my book, curling up with my cats and watching television.  I live with my fiance in Witherbee and our three cats, and we’re hoping to be married either by the end of next year, or the year after.



Michael Kasprzak
Sports Journalist Contributor

Born and raised in Wisconsin, MJ has been following the NFL and MLB since the mid-70s and began playing baseball in summer leagues at the age of eight before eventually playing organized football, basketball, volleyball and softball into adulthood. MJ’s focus began to shift to hockey upon moving to the Bay Area, and he is a featured columnist on the San Jose Sharks for Bleacher Report, on the NHL Pacific for The Hockey Beat, the NFL (primarily) for and on Christianity in the Bay Area for



Gia “The Rant Dog
News & Rumors Ranter

Gia is the mascot of and SportsRantz Magazine. She’s just a dog who digs sports and loves snooping around for all the latest news and rumors throughout sports. If she finds a hot rumor or hears a little secret, she will rush here to share it. So if you want some sports news, gossip, rumblings, rumors or tidbits of news, Gia is your dog!






Douglas Durdaller
Sports Journalist Contributor


Doug’s passion for competition was spawned in his living room on February 22nd, 1980, as he watched the United States hockey team take down the invincible U.S.S.R. team in Lake Placid, New York.  Since he was just shy of eight years old at the time, he didn’t truly understand the magnitude of the historic event.   However, the exhilaration he felt while celebrating the victory with his family had him hooked on sports forever.

His desire to become a professional hockey player was altered when he realized that he had no ability to ice skate whatsoever.  It did not, however, dampen his love to partake in and/or observe sporting events of all types.  He has traveled to several corners of the globe over the last two decades to experience as many contests as he can.  His English background in college is a stellar match to go with his craving for writing about or debating sports topics of all kinds…..from the popular to the more obscure.





Mark Rogers
Sports Journalist Contributor


Mark, who has lived his whole life in the Philadelphia area, brings a new perspective to the SportsRantz team. Knowledgable in all of Philadelphia sporting teams, Mark brings a passion, knowledge and sometimes a deeper look into the inner circles of the Philadelphia sports world. Being a native of the south jersey area, Mark spent most of his childhood keeping stats for all Philadelphia teams, which in turn has given him a vast knowledge of Philadelphia sports past and present. Mark was a sports writer for his high school paper, he was a public address announcer for Glassboro High Schools’ football team. During his 4 years at Glassboro High school, he was involved in Footbal, Soccer, baseball, and wrestling.

Mark attended Gloucester County College where he also road for the “Roadrunner” as the sports beat writer. Mark has freelanced for local papers, and finds his passion in writing about sports. Presently, Mark can be heard, on occasion guet co-hosting on SportsRantz Radio’s Slicks and Sticks with Kristina Chambers, occasionally filling in for Doug Spatafore. He is a weekly caller, and a hockey insider. Mark currently resides in Pitman, NJ with his wife.






Daniel Trawick
Sports Journalist Contributor


Daniel aka “The Sports Hound” is a Philadelphia born and raised sports fan, which means he is passionate. He grew up playing many different sports including basketball, football, baseball, soccer, track & field, and was even a highly ranked chess player in the USA. Daniel also played basketball at the high school and collegiate level.
In 2010, Daniel finally turned his love of sports into his career choice and originally started a sports based social networking
website “Ultimate Sports Hound.” The site jumpstarted a writing career in which his work was featured in

In December of 2011, Daniel started his own blog and has grown at a fast pace and is already in the top 60,000 websites in the USA within 4 months of origination. He is also a popular twitter personality @TheSportsHound and founder of the twitter sports team #TeamUSH. Also, check out his NFL mock drafts featured on a few NFL mock draft databases including

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