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Sports Rantz Magazine was a brief section of (now that gave members of the Sports Rants community an opportunity to write for their official online publication.

Soon after, the website would evolve from a social networking community with individual fan blogs to a sports media content platform with numerous contributors.

Below is some archived content from SportsRantz Magazine.



Anthony DiMoro
Editor SportsRantz Magazine

Anthony’s love and passion for writing started at a young age. In elementary school he was known for his short stories and creative storytelling ability. Anthony excelled in poetry classes, English classes and also is an accomplished lyricist. He has been recognized in his local community for his work in music with his hip-hop/rap song writing and performing. In 2008 he was voted Best Hip-Hop Artist by the Metroland in New York. He finished 2nd in 2009, 3rd in 2010 and 2nd again in 2011.

Anthony now enjoys writing opinionated blog posts on that give his perspective on the hot topics in sports regarding the NFL, NBA, MLB, Boxing and even Pro Wrestling. Anthony is also the co-host of The Rantin & Ravin Show on SportsRantz Radio. You can tune in and listen to him and Katy Mitchel every Tuesday night from 7pm to 9pm EST.




Gia “The Rant Dog”
News & Rumors Ranter

Gia is the mascot of and SportsRantz Magazine. She’s just a dog who digs sports and loves snooping around for all the latest news and rumors throughout sports. If she finds a hot rumor or hears a little secret, she will rush here to share it. So if you want some sports news, gossip, rumblings, rumors or tidbits of news, Gia is your dog!





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