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Since our initial launch in April 2011, SportsRantz has been on a unique and exciting path of growth that has been quite the exciting journey. Not only has SportsRantz been regarded as a viable up and coming Sports Media & Social Networking website, but also respected as a community of bright, intelligent sports fans that provide unique and intellectual perspective into the world of sports.

But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the articles, coverage and recognition that SportsRantz has experienced since it’s initial launch.

“We, at CBS Local, love your site”

That’s what CBS emailed us on September 27th, 2012 regarding SportsRantz. Pretty cool to get nice compliments, especially from big networks like CBS. Not sure it can get any higher than that. Thanks to Alex Klivan (Marketing Coordinator, CBS Local Digital Media)


SportsRantz Recognized as “Most Inspiring” by BPInspire

BP Inspire is a website that places the spotlight on what they deem as the most inspiring websites in the world of WordPress/Buddypress. We were honored to be recognized amongst websites like Kobe Bryant’s KB24 and Social Media Examiner as being one of the most exciting websites gracing the internet today. Click Here to see the Recognition


WPMU Recognizes SportsRantz Incredible Community

There are few experts as respected in the world of WordPress than They are consistently regarded as the home for WordPress information, resources, tools and incredible articles. A community of some of the most respected people in the industry and a website that receives recognition and awards every year. SportsRantz was honored to be highlighted and complimented on the WPMU website.
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SportsRantz Nominated for a Shorty Award

The Shorty Awards is a place where the industry and fans can help nominate brands that successful make strides in Social Media, Radio, Blogging and more. In January 2012, SportsRantz was nominated for a Shorty Award by members of our community and fans. Although we did not win the Shorty Award, we were happy to get the recognition
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Finally a Place for Your Rant

Even early in our existence SportsRantz was creating buzz. The Times Union is one of the biggest and most popular newspapers in all of New York State and a staple in the Capital Region. The launch of SportsRantz immediately caught the attention of the TU and led to this introductory piece on the birth of this incredible journey we call SportsRantz
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SportsRantz fixes it’s “Z” Problem

It’s amazing to see the coverage SportsRantz receives. Back in August 2012, SportsRantz CEO Anthony DiMoro purchased the domain in an effort to strengthen the branding efforts of the media company. In what seemed like a subtle yet necessary move was met with praise and compliments from many media outlets, including the popular Domain Name Wire who commended DiMoro for the acquisition and his branding initiative.
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The #1 Rated Online Sports Radio Station

It’s easy to proclaim that you are the top rated sports radio station, but when Google backs up that claim it’s that much more special. SportsRantz Radio has consistently landed atop this list beating out powerhouse media outlets like ESPN, CNNSI, Fox, CBS and many more. A station that launched in 2011 with only 2 shows is now one of the most viable up and coming online sports talk platforms in the
industry – Click Here to tune in to SportsRantz Radio


SportsRantz Making Impressive Strides in Sports Media

Longtime website posted this awesome article about the impressive growth and popularity of SportsRantz. From the website, to the bloggers and to the radio station, SportsRantz received some pretty hefty praise and some great pub for the release of some brand new features.
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