Now that you have been accepted as a Sports Rants Contributor you will need to setup you Contributor Bio and Contributor avatar. The Contributor avatar is different from your profile avatar and both need to be setup successfully in order to be granted Contributor access.

There are a few steps to setting up your Contributor Bio & Avatar

1. Login to your Account

2. Once logged in, your Taskbar will appear at the top. In the upper right hand corner hover over your name and a drop down menu will appear. In that menu, select “Edit My Profile“. This will bring you to your Contributor Profile Dashboard

3. After Clicking on Edit My Profile you will be brought to your profile Dashboard.

Locate the About You Section.

In the box labeled Biographical Info, enter a brief bio about your career (be professional)

4. After Entering Your Bio scroll down to upload your avatar (professional pictures only). You can also find sections (below the Bio box) to input your social media accounts as well, feel free to do this too.

5. When finished, click on Update Profile to finalize

Once you make your post on Sports Rants, your bio and avatar will appear at the bottom of your articles.