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(Sports Rants Founder & CEO Anthony DiMoro)
(Sports Rants Founder & CEO Anthony DiMoro)

Sports Rants® is looking for professional, passionate, insightful and dedicated sports fans to join their writing team. If you have a talent for writing, a passion for sports and you’re looking to grow within the sports media industry, you may be a great fit for the Sports Rants Contributor Team Sports Rants® .

To be considered for a writing position with Sports Rants® you must possess a strong writing ability, attention to detail and demonstrate the ability to consistently produce thought provoking content.

In return Sports Rants® offers a powerful website optimized for visibility on Social Media & in Major Search Engines, Internet Marketing Content Training & Information, exposure via our marketing channels as well as a chance to develop your professional profile on a unique online media brand.

Sports Rants® is a part of the DiMoro Enterprises media family. Additionally, you can generate revenue by monetizing your content. We use multiple effective avenues for exposure and circulation of our content (Read more)

Over the years, our  brand & content has been found on:


We want Contributors who love talking sports and enjoy creating sports content.

If you are interested please continue reading and follow the steps outlined below to Formally Submit Your Contributor Application (below)


  • Must be able to write a minimum of 1 post per week
  • 500 word minimum per article
  • Content: Game reaction pieces, High-traffic topics, Analysis or Opinion based articles, all in professional writing style & format.Tone Of Articles: Support all points with statistics. Utilize interview quotes when needed.
  • Each article must be Grammatically Correct with Proper Punctuation, Display & Professionalism
  • Each opinion based article must be supported by statistics and information to support the opinion.
  • Each Article must follow the Steps of our Video Tutorial (which is emailed after you are setup as a Contributor)
  • Must use social outlets to market the content you post
  • Articles must be 100% unique and exclusive to (No reposting of any article on any other website or section.)
  • Writers must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have a professional social media profile & presence. No offensive or derogatory social media profiles or conduct
  • You agree that all Content produced and published is the sole property of Sports Rants®
  • Must NOT utilize articles for content links for personal websites, social media profiles, self promotion, social media promotion, or for paid content link advertising. If you plan on monetizing your content you must use an approved Advertising/Affiliate Network.
  • Mention of Contributing to Sports Rants on your Twitter Profile (ex: @Sports_Rants)
  • You Agree that Setting Up and All Managing of your Advertising is 100% Your Responsibility
  • You agree not to use profanity or to make inflammatory statements about race, religion or culture. You agree that violating this can result in legal action from Sports Rants
  • You Agree not to Plagiarize or Infringe on Any Copyrights or Trademarks, Defame or Personally Attack any individual, race or group and any violation of these terms you are 100% legally responsible for.

In the event you cannot contribute or meet the above requirements, you must let Sports Rants know via email.

We find creative freedom to be a catalyst for great content. Therefore, feel free to cover any team, player or topic within your chosen sport.

You can choose to cover multiple sports and contribute to multiple sections of our site. Doing so will require 1-2 articles per week per section.

Profit & Revenue: Making Money

You can get all of the details on monetizing content over at DiMoro Enterprises.


How our content is promoted/marketed/circulated: Click Here

How to Apply

If you want to apply to become a contributor, please follow the following steps exactly:

  1. Send your Resume, a Sample of Your Writing (required),Twitter Handle (if you have Twitter) to [email protected]Also include “I agree to the terms” outlined on this page in the text. This tells us you agree to meet our requirements.If you do not have a writing sample, please consider starting at The Sports Forward, a partner website that will allow you to gain experience and build a foundation to your sports writing career. Simply write an article in a Word or Document format and send that to us as your sample.
  2. Sports Rants covers the business world of sports (including any legal-related stories such as arrests). If you want to cover sports in a traditional way, please explore the other websites within our media network at DiMoro Enterprises’ website.
  3. Follow our social media accounts

We will review your resume & writing sample. If you are approved, we will email you with the additional steps. Once completed we will set you up as a Contributor (usually within 1-5 business days) and email you with our Instructional Video and information on getting started.

If you are approved and added to the team: Although you are a contributor to Sports Rants, you are not an official representative, employee or do not speak for Sports Rants or the brands associated with Sports Rants. Your opinions are strictly yours.

Our Story

Sports Rants® was founded in 2011 by Anthony DiMoro. The initial vision of Sports Rants is to provide a unique & innovative social format to discuss sports with the popular features of numerous social media communities. Sports Rants’ goal is to be the next innovation of sports talk and the ultimate place for you to rant sports.

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Elite Rank Media handles all of the online marketing and SEO efforts for Sports Rants and it’s sub-sections, and is a partner of the DiMoro Enterprises brand.

This gives us incredible advantages in visibility, traffic and competition. These benefits trickle down to our contributors, members and the brands who are present & active on Sports Rants. Truly, the next innovation in sports talk.

Keep in mind that if Sports Rants’ topic(s) are not of interest to you, we have a variety of other brands within our sports network, all listed at DiMoro Enterprises. Choose from football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, hockey, video games, and even esports news, Twitch streams, and Mixer streams market/industry coverage, and there is even a section dedicated to female streamers, esports teams, game developer streams, a marketplace for streaming equipment, and more, if you’re a gamer and/or streamer, with opportunities to join.