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Which Second Year QBs Will Take The Next Step In 2017?

The 2016 NFL Draft wasn’t supposed to be known for their quarterback

Michael Bentzen Michael Bentzen

Hatred for Brock Osweiler Led to Delusion and Stupidity Over Connor Cook

(Photo by iSports Times) When Oakland Raiders rookie quarterback Connor Cook substituted

Rajiv Bais Rajiv Bais

Vote: Should NFL Fans Be Allowed to Pick Primetime Games?

(Photo by With another ratings-plunge coming soon, pundits with too much

Rajiv Bais Rajiv Bais

The Wire: Week 2 Your Team Should Go Green

Welcome back to The Wire. If you missed last weeks post, I'll be

Tyler Smith Tyler Smith

The Wire: Week 1 Jesse James And The Gang

Welcome to The Wire (not to be confused with the wildly successful

Tyler Smith Tyler Smith

Meet Trevor Siemian: A Quarterbacking Resume of Irony

When the defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos face off against the

Rajiv Bais Rajiv Bais