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NASCAR's Resident "Jackass"



Clint Bowyer should have been in great contention for the Chase after his qualifying run that landed him the 2nd starting position at Atlanta. Clint Bowyer’s shot at a win or even a solid points day at Atlanta was put on hold due to a rain filled Sunday.

Bowyer was on the outside looking in heading into Tuesday’s rain delayed race, 22 points behind Tony Stewart in 10th and without a win. After starting on the outside pole, Bowyer led eight laps in the beginning of the race but quickly slipped back in the field, where he later saw his Chase hopes diminish. How?

Bowyer slid up the track exiting turn four just in front of the No. 42 of Juan Pablo Montoya. The two made contact, sending Bowyer directly into the outside wall, heavily damaging the No. 33 Chevrolet.

An extremely unhappy Bowyer gave a very sarcastic clap and thumbs up, directed towards Montoya. “You can’t race around the jackass,” Bowyer said to ESPN following his wreck. “You never can. Anybody in this sport knows what you’re up against when the 42 comes up. He dive-bombs the starts and bullies his way up in there, and before you know it, he’s in the way and wrecking with somebody.”

Bowyer’s 36th place finish pushes him back to 14th in points, 54 behind 10th place with only Richmond left before the Chase. There is no shot at him reaching the top 10, forcing him to win at Richmond and finish at least 12 positions ahead of Denny Hamlin – barring Hamlin leads no laps.

The only other scenario for Bowyer is to win at Richmond and have Brad Keselowski make it into the top ten in points. “We’re out here racing for a spot in the Chase. He’s racing for nothing, you know? I’m tired of it. Everybody in the garage area fights him. He’s just an idiot.”

Now, the article is titled accordingly to Clint Bowyer’s words of choice. Remember now more than one driver has had in issue with the sport’s “jackass” this season. Take Kasey Kahne for instance. Kasey Kahne usually never has anything bad to say about a fellow driver expect for when it comes to Juan Pablo Montoya. Montoya wrecked Kahne a few races back and cost Kahne a lot of points.

Juan Pablo has bumped, beaten, battered and bruised his own teammate; and for what? Surely not the win considering the guy couldn’t get the win if it reached up and took a bite out of him. The guy is only out there for himself and doesn’t care at what the cost is. Honestly, if he were my driver I wouldn’t resign him after the stunts and wasted sheet metal that Juan Pablo has cost his owner.

Watch out for him at Richmond, him and Newman have unsettled business from there and I witnessed round one from the stands at Richmond and we are setting up for a battle royale! Keep an eye out for the #42 Target car because Juan Pablo’s target is….