A Case of the Sundays: December 5th, 2011

Boy oh boy taking a break off this blog has certainly given me a bit more time to fully

Tebow led the Broncos to a comeback win against the Minnesota Vikings (Morry Gash / AP)

Boy oh boy taking a break off this blog has certainly given me a bit more time to fully take in all the amazing action from yesterday. And boy do we have some things to go over.

A lot of that action will certainly be discussed on my radio show tomorrow night. Shameless plug? You’re damn right! So call in and rant with us on The Rantin & Ravin Show on SportsRantz Radio.

Okay so who has two thumbs and is ready to dig right into yesterday’s action? This guy! So here we go with the things I noticed that have given me a bad case of the Sunday’s

The Packers escaped from their game with the Giants with a victory on Sunday (GARY HERSHORN/Reuters)

Wait a minute….is this 2007?

As the New York Giants pressed the undefeated Green Bay Packers all game Sunday and gave them a narrow victory on a last second field goal I couldn’t help but remember the Giants back in 2007.

In both instances the Giants were struggling to stay in control of their playoff destinies and going up against undefeated teams that were, for the most part, mowing over every team they faced. Just as they did to Tom Brady and the Patriots in 2007, the Giants gave the Packers their first real “pressure cooker” and actually made you believe they were going to win the game.

But just like their regular season matchup in 2007 against the Pats, the G-Men came up short against Green Bay.

But Giants fans please take this into account, the last time you met an undefeated team for the second time, when it was all on the line no less, you came out victorious. NFC Championship upset maybe? Stay tuned, but this journalist thinks the Packers have to worry about the Giants a little bit.

The Arizona Cardinals want to thank the Dallas Cowboys for that gift wrapped victory. Special shout out to Tony Romo and Jason Garrett (AP Photo/Matt York)

Dallas is Worse than You Think

The Dallas Cowboys from week to week are always a different team. I can assure you that if Miami had Dan Carpenter kicking on Thanksgiving, they wouldn’t have escaped with a victory, but Dallas can’t get things clicking.

As much as the blame for yesterday’s loss to Arizona was and rightfully should be placed on the shoulders of Head Coach Jason Garrett please do not let Tony Romo off the hook either.

With more than half a minute in the game Romo burned more than 25 seconds off the clock to set a play and bring the team to the line of scrimmage only to spike the ball. Huh?

While I am confident Garrett will be a fine coach in this league I am not so confident in Romo ever “getting it”. He continues to show me he is a blind man behind the wheel of a million dollar sports car. Eventually he will crash it no matter how good the engine is.

Excuse me Carson Palmer, we'll take that ball and go the other way (Joe Rimkus Jr. / Staff Photo )

Sucker Punched, Now Get out of Town

I have no reason to hate on the Oakland Raiders, in fact I was cheering for their success for much of the season up until I watched their game yesterday against my Miami Dolphins.

Initially I was disturbed by the fact Rolando McClain was  even allowed to play on the field by the organization. Regardless of if McClain is innocent or guilty it sends the wrong message to fans and the league. It also serves as a huge distraction a team that already has to adjust to the Eastern time zone.

But throughout the game the Raiders were racking up penalties and should have received a ton more for the late hits and the cheap shots I saw throughout the game. Players like Matt Giordano, Richard Seymour, Tyvon Branch and Chaz Schilens were over-aggressive and involved in many after the whistle conduct. Normally I would chalk it up to being a tough team, but when I see Seymour ejected for punching someone in the face (yet again) and players doing a bunch of extra-curricular hitting shows me you’re acting like a bunch of sore loser punks.

I was more proud of my Dolphins than I have been the entire season. They not only id their talking on the scoreboard but behind antagonist Richie Incognito punched the Raiders back in the face and sent them back to Oakland with an embarrassing loss.

Houston seeing a familiar sight this year, Andre Johnson hobbling off the field with an injury. He will miss a couple weeks

Houston, We Have a Problem?

Hey they’re winning right? I just feel bad because yet again the Texans are hit with another major injury and again it involves Pro Bowl WR Andre Johnson.

After impressing the league and knocking off the surging Atlanta Falcons I was confident the Texans would be able to cope with the injury to Matt Schaub after all. But now, after all this team has accomplished, with so many injuries you have to ask when they will hit that wall of reality.

Here is hoping that Andre Johnson can return to the field sooner rather than later and that the Texans can make a push in the playoffs. After all the years they have struggled to make the playoffs and have a successful season I just hate seeing them so close to doing so and have to deal with the severe injuries they have to deal with.

So that is all for this Case of the Sundays. I should be back on par next week with another dose. Get in the conversation with me tomorrow night on SportsRantz Radio on the Rantin and Ravin Show. We go live at 7pm EST until 9pm EST and you can call in at 1-877-503-5041

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